Friday, March 14, 2014



daily report - Mar 10, 2014


  • Breakfast - Ate none of the Pineapple, all of the Milk, some of the Chex cereal
  • Lunch - Ate all of the Milk, all of the Applesauce, none of the Green beans, all of the Mac and cheese


  • 9:53 - Wet
  • 11:58 - Wet
  • 2:11 - Wet


  • language arts - We spoke words clearly when we said and signed the word "snow" and read I See by Helen Oxenbury.
  • cognitive development - We built a tower using the blocks and knocked it over repeatedly.
  • science/nature studies - We made animal noises as we roared like a polar bear. Amelia attempted to roar like a bear.
  • social science - We helped our teachers when we made footprints to make footprints in the snow. Amelia wasn't really a fan of the foot painting, I think it tickled!
  • motor skills - We attempted new gross motor activities by crawling like a polar bear walking through the snow. Amelia loved pretending to crawl!
  • music/movement - We marched and used rhythm instruments while he music was playing.
  • creative art - We marked with a brush and created using white paint and blue paper.
  • self-help/life skills - We attempted to throw our trash away in the trash can. Amelia picked up the paper towels to throw them away.
  • memorable moment - Amelia was very happy to play with her new friends today!

Here's what I'm not so thrilled about.... a stomach bug (both kids & myself), 3 ear infections (2 for Millie, 1 for O), 3 pink eyes (2 for Millie, 1 for O), a constant runny nose for both kids, and today's new addition, the Adenovirus (marked by O's temp of 102.2 all day.....). These illnesses are stressful and totally related to day care... It's worth it, right?  Where's that bottle of wine?





  1. Wow - what an awesome report! Just think they are building their immune systems...right?

  2. I agree with Alison...they are getting stronger and so are you, right?! We loved our Goddard experience, so glad you are too!