Monday, March 10, 2014

17 Months: Synthesis

Little smarty pants has really been showing off this month. We can literally see the wheels-a-turnin in her little brain. The amount of information she's synthesizing is impressive & adorable! She still doesn't have a ton of words, but she understands every command I give her. She can also point to the important people in her life (Owen, parentals, Mimas & Papas!). Once those lips start moving, I'm sure I'll be blown away. We keep catching ourselves saying, 'She's so cute', and 'She's so smart', and 'She's totally our fun child right now'.

Animal sounds are still her favorite. Most animals are still called dogs, and most animals (including dogs) say 'meow'. But she has added an Owl's 'Hoo Hoo' to the mix. Her lips curl perfectly.

She's up to 12 teeth. Just 8 more to go!! Whoop! I think we're working on one tonight, too. There's a certain cry that accompanies the fright of that pearly white popping through :(

Her fine motor skills certainly set the bar. She and Owen utilize a spoon and
drink out of a cup (without a lid) equally well ;) She got the special bowl (with a straw)
last week, and it was a big hit too.

Selfie. She's saying 'Cheese'. Every time I pick up my phone she says cheese because she thinks my phone is the camera. I've got to get that back out again....  

We had ONE nice day in the last month, so you can bet we got outside. This baby LOVES to be outside and climb. The combo of those 2 activities is perfection. I actually can't remember the last time we did not  have a tantrum once it was time to go inside (even at 14 degrees).
 My future's so bright I've got to wear shades!
My 3 loves.

I don't want to misrepresent here. We see this face a.lot. Especially before meals and/or bed and/or if you aren't able to hold her immediately. This day the scene preceding the picture played out this way: It was close to dinner time. Amelia moved a chair (by herself) over to the stove, climbed up on it, and proceeded to turn the knobs of the stove. I freaked out, said no, no, no and set her on the ground. She climbed back up on the chair in the hysterics shown above.
I swear they only know enough to hurt themselves!
She found a cozy seat in which to read her favorite flap book. She's resourceful, what can I say?
So new words: 'Go Go', 'Cheese', 'Shoes', 'Ma Ma Ma'... but it means MORE. She still doesn't say Mama to address me. I'm Da Da. She's still a pretty vehement signer of 'More' and 'Please'. Very dramatic movements all of the way across her chest for please.
She LOVES to blow kisses. If she hears the car pull up, she'll run to the window and blow kisses. She does the same as I'm pulling out.

The kids have started pre-school on Mondays & Thursdays while I'm at work (more details on that in a later post). This transition has solidified the once a day nap... and hitting. Where did that come from? I'm trying to keep from giggling because Owen's head is usually the recipient. I really need to find a productive way to channel that action!

I don't want to make a habit of comparing the kids, but it is kind of fun. Here is O's 17 month BlogSpot. It's amazing how evident their personalities are by this age.

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