Sunday, February 23, 2014

Swim Lessons

Owen & Millie just finished 7 weeks of swim lessons. They l.o.v.e.d swim lessons, and it was the perfect indoor exercise during this absolutely horrendous, awful winter we've been having. I do have to admit that even though the kids loved the pool, Mike and I often felt like we were abusing our children carrying their wet little bodies out into 10 degree (or below) weather. I promise we had hats, gloves, coats, and the warmest jammies possible but I still felt bad.

Amelia is a true fish, and she has no fear. This equals mucho fun in the swimming pool!

They have the kiddos throw a ducky and then reach & swim toward it. She had no problem at all with this activity!

Eager Beaver

Back floating!

They play ball, popcorn, wheels on the bus, and all sorts of fun games. No fear Millie, though, her favorite game is to jump in off of the side. You've got to be on your A-game with her!

Snuggles with her favorite parent. This girl is attached to her daddy & her snuggles.

Here's big brother getting his feet wet! We originally put O in a 'Pike Plus' class because it met at the same time as Millie's. Well, poor O wasn't quite ready to be a Pike Plus, and his original teacher (a 74 yo woman named Jo) wasn't so much patient or gentle. Owen cried during his entire first class.... oops! I felt awful. So, we bumped him back down to Pike with Miss Molly and that was a great fit.

Guess how many times I said, "Owen, remember to walk". Just guess how many times ;)

O did a great job learning to kick & paddle with the noodle.

They played lots of ball & as the class went on he got more used to water in his face. I can't blame him for not liking this.. his mother (not a fish) hates it too =)

Kick kick kick! It's adorable how fast his little legs go.

Diving for rings.

"I wuv swim wessons with Miss Mowwy".
Miss Molly promoted him up to Pike Plus. I'm proud of him for working so hard!
My favorite things about swim lessons:
1. I was forced to shave my legs every Wednesday (even though Mike took Millie to class most days and I sat on the side while O swam ;) ).
2. The kids went to bed immediately and without an extra peep EVERY Wednesday since January 8th.
3. They absolutely loved swimming, got exercise, and learned lots of water safety (a huge need for our upcoming trip to Maui!)
We felt like they benefitted so much that we signed them up for an additional 7 weeks.
 Now if I could just find some time to get myself to exercise ;)... maybe instead of blogging?!

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