Monday, February 3, 2014

Magic House

Kappa Claire bought the kids a Magic House gift certificate for Christmas. This is a perfect gift for them, and perfectly timed as well with the winter we've been 'weathering'. A few Saturdays ago, we went, just the four of us.
I didn't recall this entrance of glass balloons, but I think it's beautiful!

There's an area specifically for kids ages 1-5. Jackpot!

Sand tables are always a hit!

And Millie even got the hang of this toy. She's so smart.. I'm not biased, though.

Think these 2 look much alike? They were watching Owen build something.

When did he become such a big kid?!

And then Amelia found the 'Vet Office'. We spent 85% of our time in these 30 sq ft and she
could not have been more thrilled with her 'GOGs'!

She tried to pick up as many as she could. I'm sure the combo of these stuffed
dogs outweighed her tremendously!

A little help here mom?
Here she is shouting Gog (!!!!!). When Mike and I switched kids,
I could still hear her screaming GOG from the other room!

Meanwhile, Owen found himself at a car. Is anyone else shocked?
I love how intently he's changing this tire. Great for his fine motor skills, too =)

Checking out the detailing on this car...
Then on to building lego cars. He actually played here longer than I thought he would!

Probably because he could race the cars down the track! I'll be honest, the cars fell apart before they reached the bottom every time. He was patient and persistent though. I was proud of him!
Learning about magnets.

This picture captures one of those booths where a light flashes and the shadow of your silhouette remains. He thought this was tooooo cool.

Mike and I cracked up laughing at this Colorblindness Test. Guess which Wade passed?
 Owen had to tell Mike the numbers. ;)

Who is that good looking baby in the mirror?

Are you ready for some football?

We wore this little sweetsie out. She could hardly move toward the end,
and she just wanted to cuddle on my lap.

....which means I missed my opportunity for the great pic of them together. We were after all, creating perfect family memories, right?!
We really did have a total blast, though, and I would love to take the kids again before the winter is over...apparently this will be at least 6 weeks. Thanks, Punxsatawney Phil. The Magic House requires one adult for each child (my rule, not theirs), so I'll have to wait for a good weekend day so daddy can join again!

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  1. I would thank the magic house for that rule! Did I tell you how I lost Maya for three minutes at our kids museum...yep, I'm 'that' mom! Looks like so much fun and I still smile when I see how much their looks say--Cooper and Wade! ;)