Friday, January 31, 2014

Springfield, MO

A few weekends ago (the only weekend without frigid temps and feet of snow), we took a little road trip down south to visit Mike's Aunt Bev & Uncle Bill (Mima Wade's bro & sis-n-law). We had the added bonus of company with cousins Roger & Jennifer and their son Andrew (11). It's a great set up down in Springfield. Bill & Bev live downstairs while Rog, Jen, & the kids live upstairs. Bill & Bev used to care for the whole house, but I think their knees are appreciating the downsize =)
Within 3 minutes of our arrival, Andrew brought down his cars, many, many cars.

...and a race track. We've got friends for life here!

Millie entertained herself for 30 minutes walking around in O's shoes!

And then she found a very comfy spot in Roger's lap, with a book, of course!

And then she found her way to Aunt Bev....with a book.
She and Uncle Bill just talked shoes. All the while, Owen and Andrew were
playing cars and more cars and more cars.

The Kinney clan is notorious for their good home cookin'. They did not disappoint this weekend. Bev & Bill made brisket, potatoes, corn, home made rolls, home made applesauce, and salad. Jennifer whipped up this beauty after work on Friday. It was a perfectly perfect cheesecake. We left Springfield with home made cinnamon rolls, applesauce, pickles, jelly, and bread. All home made. Our tummies were haaaaappppy!
Our hearts were happy too! We had a great time visiting, and we're so glad we live close enough to see our extended family more often!

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