Monday, January 13, 2014

White Elephant

Christmas was not over yet... we still had one more event! Christmas evening after the kids were in bed, my folks and brothers came over for our annual white elephant gift exchange. I love this gift exchange, and I love having time with my 'immediate' family. Our time all together happens about 1-2 times a year, so I was going to do anything I could to make sure our white elephant game happened this year, too. Christmas Eve wasn't an option because Steven was working. Fortunately, they were willing to come over to our house so the kids could sleep!

Well.... Owen wasn't quite asleep so we let him get up and open moooore presents since
Uncle Steven didn't see him on Christmas Eve. O and uncle Steven
 are kindred car spirits. They both love them!

We got Owen back to bed and broke out the brandy. Mike made home made egg nog with a little spike of brandy. It was de-li-cious. Not light, but delicious. We, of course, drank them out of moose egg nog glasses. This fits our recurring 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' theme.

Note my dad's 'Eddie' hat, too! This is one of my favorite shots.

Here's the loot. Inside these packages are some great gifts and some terrible gifts.
One year some person gets stuck with picking all of the terrible gifts.

This year it was Steven. Let me introduce you to Polly, the world's perfect pet.

.....and the bubble butt. My parents picked this beauty up in Vegas!

Mike did get the Jelly of the Month club, though. He was thrilled =)
We contribute to this game in lieu of getting gifts for each other, and we all love to play! Our classiest contribution was a can of Hormel Chili accompanied by some Gas-X.
Well, I think this post successfully wraps up our wonderful Christmas celebration.
Now on to birthdays!

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