Sunday, January 19, 2014

15 months: Laps

Our little 15mo old lovey weighs 21lb 9oz (25-50%) and 31.5 inches tall (75%). Her percentiles are the same as she's been her whole life. She seems to me like she's slowed a bit in the weight department despite the fact that she truly, genuinely eats 3 big meals and 2 snacks a day. The girl loves her food... and I think she's already turned in to a stress eater like her mama. It definitely is a 'calming influence' on her. Now if only I can delay the need for chocolate to be present in order to have the same calming effect....
One day late December I found her in her room, in her chair. Bib on. Blanket on. Paci in. Doll handy. Reading her (current) favorite book. I about melted and was even able to run and grab the camera she was so settled.
Maybe she's looking a little more Cooper these days?

On Dec  28th we got to visit Auntie Kim at her folks house in O'Fallon. Amelia cuddled right up on her lap. And that's this month's theme because she will find a lap, any lap, and back up on to it. I think a 'Beep Beep' should accompany her wherever she goes.

She'll also take some standing up cuddles... especially the daddy cuddles are the best.
Somehow without words she bargained for both bowls of popcorn.. hers and Owen's.

Snow day fun = rides in a laundry basket.

No new words, per say. Still 'GOG, GOG, GOG' (always shouted), Dada, Gock (sock).
She has added 'mmmmmmm' with bites of food she REALLY likes.
She's also signing more, all done, drink, and please. We are working on wait, but that one isn't catching for some reason ;)

Future hubby? This is Auntie Kim's nephew, Rigby (21mo).
It's not a lap, but she's cuddled in. The best part about her lap obsession is that she's
generally asking you to read a book to her, and she's getting better about sitting
through the whole thing. She's very interested in pointing to pictures and
having you tell her the name of the object.
I dressed her up on my birthday.
Love this gorgeous little girl in this gorgeous little dress!
She's increasingly in to imitation, even got a dirty Kleenex out of the trash to wipe her nose. =) Laundry folding is a favorite time for her as she has a plethora of towels to 'wipe' around the house. This week she started to imitate the finger in front of your lips when saying 'ssshhh', and she folds her hands together while we pray before dinner. I really need to get a picture of this act!
She also knows where her nose & hair are, often sticking her finger in or on O's nose (much to his chagrin).
Most activities need to be in her timing or her terms, and Mike and I are ready for the 'next stage' that includes words instead of whining. I know this wont change her desire for things her way, but maybe we'll be able to communicate a bit better! In the mean time, bring on those books, Millie! Let's learn some words ;)

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  1. Such a doll...and still mostly Wade as I see it! ;) That's only fair, right...cause Owen is ALL Cooper! ;) I'm more than happy to give Norah over to Millie--a screaming/whining contest sounds like such a fun time, dontcha think? I also love that she has a mind of her own--I'm sure you don't at this stage or more in the future--but I see girl power written all over her!