Saturday, February 8, 2014

16 Months: Moo, Baaaa, La La, La

Our budding little talker & reader has identified her favorite author this month. We've had a lot of Sandra Boynton, a woman responsible for several noteworthy titles: "Moo, Baa, La, La, La", "Doggies", "The Going to Bed Book", "Red Hat, Blue Hat", etc. Well thanks to Ms. Boynton, Millie is now mooing like a cow, baaing like a sheep, and knows multiple dog noises. I really enjoy this part of having a 1 year old. It's so  darn cute. Karen Katz, another favorite author, has helped Millie identify her nose, ears, mouth, hair, and sometimes eyes.. that's always a hard one because someone gets poked.
 She's also added a few words to her repertoire: Doll and Cheese. Still no 'Mama', but I'm requisitioned by that name plenty and I don't know if I'm ready to have two 'mamas' coming at me all of the time =)

The laundry basket is always a nice place to sit back and read (Karen Katz book here).

She still thoroughly enjoys her food, though she's eating less fruits and veggies than her normal. I know it's a phase, I know it's a phase,  I know it's a phase.....
In other news, she uses a fork and spoon better than Owen does to this day =)
Owen has some competition now in the kitchen.
 I can not believe how big she looks pondering her next stir.  
My little helper all of a sudden loves the snow, too! She shoveled so hard that her mittens got in the way so she took them off. I finally had to bring her inside kicking and screaming because she was turning bright red from the cold.

A little sensory exploration. The other day I gave her a few lids, some fuzzy balls, measuring cups, and a couple of containers. She was enthralled for 30 minutes & I loved watching her. Of course Owen was sleeping, so she could use her own creativity. It's fascinating to watch her start to process concepts.

A concept she's mastered is the stairs. Up and down, up and down.
She's also working on a really good jump. I can't help but giggle at this video.
In addition to developing fine & gross motor skills, language, and though processes, she's also gained 3 new teeth with one more coming in. We're at a total of 9 now. Almost half way. To say we've gone through some ibuprofen is an understatement!
I love these monthly reflection times, because I can just sit back, enjoy Amelia, and thank God for a healthy & vibrant little girl. Thanks for sharing in our journey.

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  1. She is so stinkin' cute! We LOVE Sandra Boynton at our house too!