Friday, November 1, 2013

Sand Baby

If your first and second children are complete opposites, what happens if you have a third? That sentence is supposed to be more about my first two being complete opposites. There is no #3.
Anywho... Owen loved the sand the best. Of course. It took him days to fully immerse himself in the water or even play down by where the waves were gently coming up to shore.
But the engineer in him really really really got in to perfecting his sand castle. And then he would knock each of these little 'knobs' off one by one and count them!

A sunny silhouette of one of God's finest creations (in my humble opinion, of course).

Here we are eaaasing in to the water holding daddy's hand. You can see how low it is.. Mima is all of the way out there with water only up to her waist. On another note, my mom is an ocean addict. She could literally swim, bounce, and sway in the waves for hours. I love this about her. I didn't inherit that trait, but maybe Millie did.

Owen is a little more like me.. but here he is getting brave!

We bought arm floaties for this trip, and he felt on top of the world! He definitely like pools more than the ocean (at this point). Maybe it's a bit more predictable?

I abolustely love this pic of him running in the sand.

Little Boy Heaven

Quality bonding time with MiMa. They looked for sea shells, burried cars & monster trucks,
covered their feet in sand. You know, the usual. Love this special time, though, and so thrilled they can share it!

Owen had some additional first experiences on our trip.
Here he is 'roasting' 'marsh-pillows' as he termed it.

...leading to his very first S'more. That night I think he dreamed about the s'more. He hadn't been able to finish it, and the next morning he woke up, literally in tears. 'I want to finish that yummy 'becial' treat'. So we made another one, and he had no problem downing it =)

Proud of his FIVE masterpieces (just count them).
I love watching O experience new things just as much as I love it with A. There's obviously a higher level of development (along with that comes a little fright, I think), but he was thrilled to play all week long with 4-5 doting adults! I can't wait to go again!


  1. The photo of Owen running on the beach is priceless! Great post!

  2. Ah, O-bug!! How cute is he...I HIGHLY recommend the puddle jumpers, they are floaties we've used for our kids and work wonders, even coast guard approved!! You can find them at Target! Love that your mom coaxs them out there too! Way to go, Mima!!