Friday, November 8, 2013

13 Months: Walking

Whelp, I don't even have Amelia's birthday party blog up but here we are at 13 months. And I like to stay on time with these, so we'll just be a little out of order. We've got BIG developments...
Little sassy miss is walking and PROUD. And I mean she's walking from room to room and not even pausing to think about it.
She gets pretty proud.
Will walk for CANDY she says =)
I'm not the normal bather.. but this particular night I was 'on'. As I put the kids in the bath,
all I could think of was Jim Gaffigan's skit called 'Beyond the Pale'.

We are in the 'DOG' stage. Every animal is a dog (gog).
This is the sea lion exhibit at the zoo, and she chanted gog, gog, gog as they swam by.
It was so adorable that I let her stand there for a loooong time.

Owen likes to 'block' where she's going quite often. This is a typical scene at our house.

So is this. Downward facing 'gog' anyone?

This is my favorite pic from Halloween. What's cuter than an elephant drinking a bottle? Nothin.
On the bottle note.... she hasn't had one in a few days. I think we finally made the switch just shy of 13 months. She fought it.... she definitely has more of a temper than O.

She's also far more of a climber than Owen ever was. He was/is a destructor. She is a climber. I'm not sure which I prefer. She sure does get proud of herself, though!

We usually get to the library every other week or so. She's apparently getting quite comfortable. Picked out a book, crawled on this pillow and had herself a little session.

Another blog post preview: Pumpkin Patch. I've heard of a rose between 2 thorns...
so what is this?
A pumpkin between 2 pumpkins?

O was sick this day and it was pouring outside, so we stayed in our jammies and had a movie day. She was so proud and I could just tell she felt 'big'. I can't believe she is so BIG. Where is the time going?!
This month's tally:
Words (2):
Car- "Ca"
Dog- "Gog"
What ever happened to Mama & Dada?
Teeth (3.25):
The first top one came in and I see the white of the second top tooth.
Illnesses (2):
Double ear infection and a case of roseola. Misery. The roseola showed up on day 3 of the penicillin for her ear infections. So I'm not sure if it really was roseola or a sensitivity to the antibiotics. We'll have to 'challenge' her again sometime with the meds.
...In case you were wondering, she's a very grumpy and needy sick person. I'm not placing fault, but I am saying that we had a rough 10 days =)
Weight (20 1/2 lbs):
She lost a little refusing milk and being sick for 10 days.. she's less than at her 12 month check up. But with the way she eats I think she'll be back to chunky in no time.
We love you sweet Millie! xoxox

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