Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My dad and Steven both love to fish. These days in my dad's semi-retirement, he and Steven frequently head out fishing on Steven's off day. We've gone fishing on several previous vacations, and it seemed to fit perfectly for Fripp, too. Mima kept the kiddies, and I tagged along with the guys.
Here's Capt Eddie's fishin' boat. It was a great size for 5 passengers. He's the only guy who offers charters off of Fripp. Talk about a monopoly!

Fisherman in a Fedora

Ready to catch some big'uns.

Chartering out to sea. I love the green grass in this pic.

Captain E and his bait. Shrimp & squid. Now, I touch gross things all day every day,
but I was glad I didn't have to touch the bait =)

I'll be honest.... it was a sloooow day for catching fish. And it was cold. And windy.
We did a lot of standing around, checking our bait, etc.

But then the excitement picked up. Mike had something good.
Look at the pull on that line. He (the fish & Mike) were both working hard.
It was fun to watch.

Capt Eddie knew it was something good, too, and he pulled out his thick orange glove.....
so this SHARK wouldn't bite him!

It's a bonnethead shark. Same family as the hammerhead, but smaller.

Let me explain something about my husband. He always wins. He does. Pool, bowling, baseball, basketball, fishing/sharking, skiing, swimming. He does it all. He does it all well. You don't want to be his opponent...especially since he's not very competitive. I guess he doesn't have to be because he always wins. Well, he won that day, too!

Here's our catch for the day. Pretty measly but we had enough for dinner.
That shark was delicious. mmmmm

Uncle Steven can always add a little (good) drama.
He was cracking us up using the shark as a puppet.

Ok, the teeth really aren't that impressive..but thanks for biting Mr. Shark!


  1. Very cool! Congrats on the shark catch, Mike! And I don't know how you do it with Mike winning at EVERYTHING! Our household is VERY competitive and it would drive me crazy for Jeff to win ALL the time. :)

  2. And to were swimming with the sharks! Yipes!