Monday, October 7, 2013

A letter to my birthday girl


To my darling Amelia-
Happy 1st birthday. A year ago, I could never imagine how deep or wide my love for you could be, but the moment I laid eyes on you, my heart melted. I've been mushy ever since. Sweetness has oozed from you since day one, and although you've been teething something awful this week, you're still too darn sweet. You love your snuggles, and you beg for kisses over and over. Even at 12 months, you still prefer someone else to hold the bottle while you melt in like butter. I pray that the Lord would continue to shape you into the girl & woman He designed you to be, and that I would constantly and prayerfully consider the way I parent you to nurture you in His ways. I pray that you would be courageous and an advocate for those around you, and that your heart would grow and burst with love from all of the dear people you surround yourself with. I pray for you, Amelia, my daughter who is fearfully and wonderfully made. You are truly loved by your daddy and by me. May you know that all the days of your life. Here's to year 2!
Love, Mom

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