Friday, September 27, 2013

Owen Year Two, a Quarterly Review (part 3)

We are having an absolute blast with Owen these days. On his best days, he continues to very sweet, empathetic, and curious. When Mike comes home from work he says, 'How was your day, Daddy? Did you work on airplanes?".
His communication skills continue to impress us, and just last week he had a 5 minute conversation with MiMa Wade on the phone. He does practice talking constantly from 6am to 7pm. It's nonstop, but we love the development.
His imagination is really starting to take flight as well. He talks to his cars and stuff animals. "Baby Tiger do you want to wash Mater with me?" For some reason, I find this beyond endearing, and I'm loving, loving, loving this stage.  

I also love love love the innocence and sweetness of little boys this age. This summer we went to the Botanical gardens with Tyler, Nathan, & Ali Francis. Owen and Tyler held hands most of the way to the children's garden.

Another summer play date with Eliza (2). She's a second cousin or something like that! Here O grabbed her hand to squeal with excitement that he heard a train! They were both very in to the trains.
...and the hippos. O told me the next day, 'I weally weally wike Ewiza'. As you can see we're still working on 'L'.
Me: Owen, pose in front of this elephant.
O: Ok, I 'pink' I can do that.
We're also still working on 'Th'. It comes out a 'P'. He often says 'Pank You'. I wish I could freeze his language sounds in time.

Here he is turning his waffle in to an airplane. He is eating somewhat better... finally eating a little bit of protein: hot dogs, baked chicken, macon (bacon), sausage. FINALLY!

A tired boy who still loves to line up his cars.

Baseball has been a big hit this summer. Mike and O play almost daily after dinner. They're working on hitting off the tee and with 'coach pitch'. I'm pretty impressed with his hand/eye coordination. Must be all of that admiration he has for John Jay, his fave Cardinal player.
He's also been helping a lot in the garden. He gets super excited about ripe tomatoes as you can see from the pride in this smile!
He's generally quite animated. BIG tractor. And when he talks his eye brows are up and down, wrinkled, etc, and his mouth has an infinite amount of expressions.

Love this kid
Our biggest project over the last 8 weeks has been potty training. This was weekend #1 in July. Naked for 3 days. Lots of accidents but lots of success too. Here he's playing with shaving cream and cars (yes, while naked!). Then we progressed to wearing only big boy pants. He had pee pee in the potty down looooong before poop, but with the bribe of cars, monster trucks, color changing cars, handfuls of cookies, etc... we finally got a pattern of pooping in the potty down. I know it's only been weeks, and he is doing SO well, but I have to admit this is one of my least favorite parental tasks. Ugh. Mopping, and Lysol, and mopping, and Lysol, and hand washing, and laundry, and Lysol, and ......LYSOL. Super proud of him, though!

Waiting for his 'Becial' treat (cookies) to come out of the oven...for pooping on the potty, of course.

He's getting more adventurous in the gym!

Miss Claire (Cwaire) was/is our nanny over the summer. She's a HUGE blessing, and she's very artsy. She and O spend lots of time with creative arts & crafts projects. I love this because it's not my forte but he still needs to practice these skills. Now I'm off the hook!
They do a lot of sidewalk chalk, too. "Trace me" he says. Love how he closes his eyes.

She draws car tracks and gas stations for his massive amount of cars. We spend Millie's whole morning nap out here sometimes!
Owen's newest love is Tippy, Mima and Papa Wade's newest addition. She loves to fetch tennis balls, and Owen loves to throw them. He giggles and giggles. And, he thanks Jesus for Tippy every night!
Additional O-isms:
Marshmallow = Marsh Pillow
I don't know = I din no
Amelia is awake = Amelia said awake (not sure about this one?)
Sentence fillers = and then, buuuuuut
He's VERY in to counting and becoming increasingly accurate.
Doesn't know they difference between what is a number and what is a letter, but we're working on it.
 He knows most of his upper case letters, told us we were sitting in a D formation at dinner tonight.
 He was right, actually.
What he doesn't know of numbers and letters he makes up for with knowing specific car and airplane models. He's right 95% of the time, too. Wonder where he gets that?
We've been gradually increasing the difficulty of his puzzles, and as long as he has one on one attention, he's willing to sit and work on them.

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