Thursday, September 12, 2013


August and early September brought a lot of events to celebrate. Our family really likes to lump special days close together.
August 17th Dave & Becky celebrated 39 years of marriage. We all had a pizza party at their house.
August 18th Olivia celebrated her 7th birthday. We went to the pool for a big party full of 7 year old girls, piñatas, cookie cake, and presents. It's awesome to see Livi with all of her friends.
Owen & Carson were the only boys but they held their own.
There was a lot of squealing during present opening, though =)

Next came piñata time. Livi had picked out a horse (her favorite animal), but Dax thought it was a donkey for some reason. Then he rigged the 'donkey' on to a rope that he could manipulate... SO every time the kids attempted to swing the bat, Dax would move the piñata while saying 'Burrough, burrough'. Crazy Uncle Dax.

One kid did finally get ahold of it, though.
Aug 26 brought Mike's 33rd bday. We celebrated with a chocolate martini at Bailey's Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Sq. I know his eyes are closed... just focus on the martini!
A few dessert pics. I forget what this was, but it sure was pretty!

I had the crepe cake. It was 30 layers of thin crepes with some delicious chocolate in the middle. It did not disappoint.

Owen picked out this card for Mike. It made a car noise 'Vrooom Vroom'. Very appropriate.

He was also a great helper when it came to opening gifts.
We had a whole weekend of celebrations for Mike's birthday. Dinner with the Wade 'side' on Saturday (Mike grilled pork steaks), and our first (definitely not last) trip to Pappy's Smokehouse on Sunday with the grandparents. It was amazing food!
Sept 6 we celebrated 5 years at the Cardinal game. We double dated with Lindsey & Dax...realized we hadn't done that since Summer of 2009. Long overdue and very much enjoyed!
Sept 8 my parents celebrated 34 years, also at the Cardinal game. I should say the Cards won on both of our special days.
We are so so blessed with all of the milestones we're able to celebrate. Thank you Jesus for our family, our opportunity to live by them, and the blessing of health and fruitful relationships. If I was on twitter, I would say #myheartisfull.


  1. Gee whiz...I think that your kids need to have August/September anniversarys and then you'll be partying for two months straight!! ;) Next time we venture to the Lou...I want to go to Bailey's Chocolate Bar (as you know I'm a fan of that gooey goodness)!!

  2. Wow! Those desserts look amazing! (pregnant lady talking, of course). I am thrilled that you are back in STL to celebrate all these special occasions! We cannot wait to see you in a few weeks.