Saturday, September 7, 2013

11 months: "Look, Dada, no hands!"

Well a lot can happen in a month. This little 20 pounder figured out how to feed her self and I haven't heard a whine since I wrote that last blog post. This girl LOVES to eat. Last night an entire slice of mushroom pizza. Tonight cauliflower gratin (!). Owen wouldn't even touch it with his finger. She refuses anything by the spoon expect for yogurt, and even then she's preferring to do it 'herself'!

She's also babbling up a storm, and saying 'Dada' on command.
She hasn't assigned dada with Mike, but we still get a huge kick out of it... especially Owen.

She's a cuddler. Here she's cuddling with her chair. She often cuddles in to my neck and left shoulder. Some one said recently, 'It's like butter'... she melts right in. I adore this quality about her.... especially since she's improved with her independent play and doesn't need to be held as much =)
She loves textures. The see and feel books are a huge hit, and this Mizzou (go tigers) pom kept her entertained for 45 minutes yesterday afternoon.

She's also getting quite good at standing! I was thinking my 11 month blog would be titled 'WALKING', but I'm glad its not. It's quite hard to catch her standing, but Mike got this shot. I think it's hilarious because it looks like she only has 1 leg, but maybe that makes her even more coordinated?!
She's gotta have her Kix
Cousin Eliza came to play in early August. This is a pic of the kids at the zoo...
I wonder what face we were making to get them to look up?!
 Here's a little park play time. We've had gorgeous weather, and I'm actually able to wear her out. When we go on fun outings, Owen repays me with shorter naps (less than 1 hour). Millie will actually sleep longer like any good baby should. She's still about 1.5 hours a.m and p.m naps and 12.5hr at night. L.o.v.e.  

I imagine Owen to be thinking, 'When will she ever learn these colors? She keeps pushing the button over and over and over and over... "

We spend a lot, and I mean a LOT, of time in the bathroom with Owen's potty training. She's discovered that she really loves TP.

These jammies are 12-18mo. How is she so big?
They are a little big... we're in 12 mo size mostly.
At Olivia's bday party we realized that she is a total FISH! She get's that from her daddy. The water was a tad chilly, so I almost didn't put her in, but she kicked and played and even put her head in the water!

We've had some extra time with Luca (dob 9-22-12) this month. His day care closed with 3 weeks notice b/c the lady got cancer. Yikes! Anywho..... I think he's the one encouraging Millie's motor skills. Isn't he handsome, though?!

Loves her raspberries and provel cheese (she's a St. Louisan!)

Another thing I love about this girl is that she's generally not a tornado (like Owen & Luca). Those boys just love to dump out toys, pull things off of bookshelves & out of drawers, etc. When she plays in the Tupperware she often puts her 'treasures' back in the drawer before leaving. Thanks, Mills!
We took this pic yesterday. Her face is changing SO much! Other quick updates for our sweetsie: She's not suffering terribly from stranger danger, but she does now cry when I leave for work =(
She'll sit on our lap to read books, but she's more interested in opening and shutting the book.
Still just 2 teeth.
I've lost track of new foods, but she did eat scrambled eggs yesterday and today. The big things I have not introduced are strawberries, most citrus fruits, honey, nuts, and anything that's a choking hazard. 
I'm not sure where the time has gone, and I can't believe how big, sturdy, and full of life she is right now. Stay tuned for our one year updates!
If you're interested in comparisons, here is Owen at 11 months.

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  1. AH-DOR-ABLE!!! Can our girls have a girls weekend?! I'd love it! I think my fave Millie-ism is her love of TP because of the time spent in the bathroom with big bro...I can only imagine! ;)