Monday, August 5, 2013


I'm literally months late on my posts, but I say better late than never.
We celebrated father's day with a trip down to the Arch. Owen loves the arch; he picks it out in pictures, he associates it with Cardinal baseball, and he shouts to the rooftops every time he sees it in the car. So the trip down to the 'ARCH' was well received.

A great daddy (Millie is on his front in the Bjorn). Moments and pics like this sure do make me fall in love all over again!

A sweetsie girl has this daddy wrapped around her little finger.

It was a gorgeous day in June, and I have to agree with O... there is just something spectacular about this StL landmark.

I should mention that O was very disappointed that this viewing of the Arch was not accompanied by a Cardinal baseball game. We had to explain away games, etc, but he demanded a stadium drive by on the way out to make sure we weren't missing out on a home game.

We loved the river front, too, and there were lots of planes overhead... a big hit.

Our little ham.

Daddy and Owen had a great time blowing off steam on the Arch grounds

...while Millie and I played in the grass. 
We didn't go up in the Arch due to the long wait times, but we will certainly spend more time here as the kiddies grow up. I love so many things about Mike and how he is an awesome daddy, and I certainly love his desire and commitment to spending time together as a family of 4 exploring this great city we call home! 

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