Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 months: hold me, thrill me, kiss me, love me

This tribute to U2 title is meant to gently, sweetly describe that little Miss Millie's endearing (ahem, high maintenance) personality is starting to show. She has perfected the whine. It's a bit overwhelming... but if you hold her, entertain/feed her, kiss her, or love on her, she's just fine! Most parents would be overjoyed that their baby never wants to be put down but the death grip on my arm has been difficult to deal with (mostly while I'm potty training/ mopping)!.
The majority of the whininess comes out at meal time. She's less than impressed with baby food at this point. Generally I'm fine with that b/c it's fairly time consuming. She wants only finger foods, but she's not quite efficient enough to get enough food to satisfy her hunger, so we just have a lot of whining.

This month's sleeping pic is precious because she rarely falls asleep in the car anymore...
and doesn't she look huge in this car seat?

She's cruising all around tables and taking Owen's toys. Let the sharing really begin!

Hold me, thrill me, love me. Thanks, Papa C!
(Her shirt, purchased by my dad, says Grandpa loves me).

We've had beautiful weather and were able to visit GG and play cars outside.

She does follow O and his cars all around the house...

And apparently she can now climb on the dishwasher as well!

Though I've chosen to focus on the whine, our most exciting development is Amelia's new found love of walking behind push toys and with our fingers. I'm willing to bet a good sum of money that on Sept 7 I write a blog post that says 11 months: walking.  
  • O's 10 month post was called tornad'O'. That's not Millie. She's content with 1-2 toys and being held. So far no desire to pull every book off of the shelf, etc.  
  • She has 2 teeth! What a breakthrough!
  • She's down to 2 naps, though the 2nd nap is rough which means she's in bed by 6:30. This makes it difficult to get home from work at 5:30, get dinner on the table, feed the kids, bathe the kids, and get Millie in bed... but it's just a season, and it's not every day
  • She still babbling but doesn't have any particular sounds. O keeps trying to teach her to say 'Dada'
  • So far no stranger anxiety (knock on wood).
  • The girl loves to laugh, be tickled, swing, throw things from the high chair to the floor, and cruise along everywhere. She also loves the bath and will outlast O by 5-10 minutes. She would sit in there for hours and splash away!

  • New foods: chicken, turkey, ham, beef, tomato, corn, cauliflower, quinoa, garbanzo beans, asparagus (not a  fan). She LOVES whole wheat Ritz crackers.

Don't tell stories on me, mom. I'm really sweetsie. See?
Thanks again for joining us on this ride called parenthood. We absolutely love the ups and the downs!



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  1. I would imagine that what you really mean at the beginning of this post is most parents would love their FIRST baby to be obsessively snuggly--you know, when you have nothing else going on except snuggling them. Trying to keep up with O and work part time would probably put a drain on that snuggling right quick:) But man, can that girl take a cute picture! Miss you guys!