Saturday, August 17, 2013

School is Out Forever

This is the week most students and teachers (in StL anyway) have gone back to school.... but there is one teacher who never, ever, ever has to go back. Becky Wade, congrats on your retirement! I'm sure it finally feels real now that your August is YOUR August!
In the beginning of June, Dave got Becky down to the Lake for the weekend while Mike, Lindsey, Dax, and I coordinated a surprise party for Becky's retirement. This worked out well because Lindsey and I are both type A. Not a detail was left unattended. I'd plan a party with Lindsey every day... especially for an occasion such as this!

Some d├ęcor highlights. You'll see Becky's countdown tally marks, a 'bouquet' that says 'Work is for Dum Dums', and a flower bouquet with chalkboards highlighting her retirement bucket list.

A few apples and retirement confetti

Becky drew/traced this Charles Schulz Snoopy to accurately depict her feelings on retirement.

Once we were done decorating and setting up food it was time to entertain Ava and wait for the guest(s) of honor to return home from the Lake.

Mike's turn with sweet Bitsy

Finally she arrived and I think we actually pulled off the surprise!

Sassy retired lady

We had a great turn out.. Becky and Dave have a lot of great friends and supporters.
This is just a few of the couples in attendance.

The plaque in front of Becky is from Robinwood school thanking her for her 20 years of service. I know the last 5-10 have been really rough as the demographic of your students has changed, but we know God had you there to inspire and love on those kids. Your work had an immediate and eternal impact even if you couldn't see it through the day to day stressors of teaching and corralling 5th and 6th graders. We're proud of you!
We have a joke about cutting cake. Our wedding photog captured a picture of Becky pointing and telling me where to cut our wedding cake. She calls it the 'meddling mother-in-law' picture. So now every time there is a cake to be cut, one of us meddles.

I think Mike looks so handsome in this pic.
Millie and Mima Cooper

Miss Millie and her Auntie Lindsey
Owen rocked a good shiner for the party. We were real proud.

Olivia burning off some energy with Meghan Mulford....

...while Uncle Bill (Becky's brother and great party photographer) captured Carson
sneaking dessert. This kid has been sneaky about desserts for as long as I've known him!

Becky received a lot of great gifts, but I'll just highlight this package from my folks... a bunch of dog supplies & treats. Becky's first order of business in retirement was to go on a two week trip to Northern Europe with Dave and some of the other usual suspects. The next item will be to adopt a dog. Once she finds one, she'll take Oskee along to give the new girl a good sniff! I hope she finds one soon =)

Congrats, Becky! You should feel proud of a job very well done.
Love, Michael, Heather, Owen, Amelia, and Oskee

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