Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well my new baby is my new job at UMSL. I liken it to a new baby because I'm 6 weeks in, and I finally feel like I'm getting a hang of the wife/mom-of-2/work balance. Why is it that the 1st six weeks of any big adventure just completely take over your life? I will say that this transition was also complicated by a trip to Chicago (post coming soon...way fun), Amelia's hospitalization, and my being out of commission for 4-5 days with a self inflicted back injury that was worse than labor. Aside from all of those added bonuses, I'm happy to say that at the end of week 6 I've figured out how to still get dinner on the table and wash clothes for my family. The social life has been limited, but I'm sure we will work that back in, too.
So, the job.. .It's a great fit for me. Average age of the patient is about 25. We see a lot of the same disease processes over and over, so this will be a great opportunity to get 'good' at some diagnosing and treating. Today I was running a special on Chlamydia. Every person I've tested in the last week came back positive. Those are not my favorite phone calls to make ;) I also do at least 2 paps a day. So come see me... I'm a load of fun, apparently! (Just kidding... my malpractice only covers students and faculty in the Univ of Missouri system). So don't really come see me.
 My schedule has been hit or miss this summer, but starting Sept 1, I'll be working Mon, Thurs, and every other Friday. Perfect. In MO we NPs collaborate with physicians who agree to mentor and back-up our work. The docs contracted with UMSL are fantastic, and I'm excited to build relationships with them. One has already offered me another little part time job which I'm sure I'll accept because it's a great non profit opportunity, and I can't say no. He's also the director of the Institute of Family Med of St. Louis... and sometimes a girl just has to network.
My co-workers are on par with a typical 'nursing' job. My first day of work resulted in no orientation to the clinic, but full disclosure of my boss's terrible divorce and the background of every transgendered patient we see at the clinic.
Stay tuned for many more adventures in UMSL's hood... I hope to work here for a very.long.time.


  1. Congrats,'ve made it this far!! So proud of you and all that you juggle with such grace. Do you think we can move closer to each other, possibly work at the same university? Because I think that would be WAY cool, though I might still see another NP for my paps! ;)

  2. I am behind in reading your blog! I am so glad you love your job!