Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grant's Farm

I'll be honest... we went to Grant's farm so long ago that I'm sure I can't remember most of the day's details to share. The pictures were great, however, so please enjoy!
We rushed out of the house to get there when it opened at 9. It was memorial day weekend, so we thought it might be crowded... and crowded it was, indeed! Also, the weather was absolute perfection. A rare end-of-May chill was in the air, so people came out in masses.
Owen was beyond excited to get on the tram.

I think this is Grant's house. The house itself has been moved several times.


I love how close you can get to the animals!
Hook 'em horns. This one's for you, Chels.

This baby calf was literally days old and oh so adorable.
"What do you call a mother cow that has just given birth?"
As soon as you get off the tram, there is a carousel waiting. Perfecting marketing!

Love these two
Next up was feeding the crazy, assertive goats. This little guy had it figured out.

Owen was quite comfortable with his bottle of milk while the goats were behind the fence...

But inside was a different story. They were kind of scary.. and they were chewing on my jacket and jeans. I was pretending/trying to not look as scared as O!

We both got a bit more brave.

Then came the Budweiser wagons and free beer which Mike and I obviously sampled.
It was noon somewhere, after all.
The best thing about Grant's farm in Mike's (and my) opinion is the Clydesdale house. I'll be the first to admit that I'm even more frightened by a large horse than a goat eating my lululemon jacket, but these Clydesdales are nothing short of majestic.

I think this guy was named Stu.

I'd love to see them all walking together in a parade or something.
I'll wrap up by saying that I continue to be impressed with St. Louis' vast amount of diverse and wallet friendly family activity options. Grant's farm will certainly be on our list of things 'to do' for many years to come!

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