Thursday, July 11, 2013

9 Months: Clapping

This month, Millie has been working on developing her 'sweetsie'. She waves hi ALL of the time now. She claps to the mere mention of the word 'yay', shakes her head no toward the antibiotics, and we're even working on her being 'So big'.

The babbles have really picked up. I hear DaDa and YaYa the most, but today I swear I heard a Ma!

We haven't had her 9mo WCC yet, but we know from the hospital &
check-ups that she's about 18lbs.... I guess I need to start thinking about new car seats soon.

Soo BIG. She's wearing 9 & 12 mo 'summer' clothes and 12 mo sleepers.  

This is a pic from the Botanical Gardens. We had a play date with the Francis clan a few weeks ago... I LOVE her belly and sweet cheeks in this shot.  

She's not showing it off here, but her pincer grasp far outweighs Owen's at this age. And despite the fact that she has zero teeth (will they ever come in?) she's gumming her mum mums and puffs well. She's also EXTREMELY 'gaggy'. She'll cough and choke on anything. Cheerios, more than one puff, a small piece of Ritz cracker. It may be a bit before we really transition to finger foods.  

Hi, I'm sweetsie. I also respond to my name now.

Amelia and her best buddy Luca, gumming some mum mums.
Luca's parents are probably our best 'new' StL friends. He was born 9/22. Maybe we can get them hitched.
Love that baby butt. She's always on the move.

Same baby butt + ruffles. Still love it. She totally has her object permanence down now too. The favorite game is to throw toys down over and over and over... to any willing party.

The obligatory monthly 'sleeping' picture. But how cute is she? Still sleeping 12-13 hours at night. Her day time schedule is hit or miss, but generally she's between 2-3 naps.

"Hi. I stand all of the time, I cruise along this ottoman, and now I can transfer between
2 close objects."

As she is getting older, she's wanting to feed herself more & more. And she's the queen of blowing raspberries when she's done eating. So naturally, I don't get dressed for work until I'm literally walking out the door. Anywho.... this month's new foods: Yogurt, blueberries, plums, white potatoes, grapes, mango, and pumpkin.
I know that I'm biased, but I do think she gets prettier by the day....

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  1. She is absolutely precious!! I adore that baby fat!