Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Knack

There is a Dilbert Cartoon called "The Knack" that has been circulating through both the Cooper and Wade families for some years.
It's an inside joke, and we refer to it on a weekly (or more) basis. You should watch this you tube clip to fully 'get' this post.
Owen, I'm afraid, has 'The Knack'. He's always lining up and organizing anything  he can get his hands on.
 I've been collecting pictures of his structures for many months now... Enjoy!
...on mom & dad's bed shaving cream at class
... entertaining himself
...with paints
....with sponges
.... with play doh (each car got its own pedestal)
...with Amelia's ball (this was before 7am even)

...on his masking tape road 
...studying how he can do it differently

...with the books at Barnes & Nobel
I have an inkling this will lead to him being an expert in all things mechanical, but hopefully he'll skip the complete social ineptitude. No matter whether nature or nurture plays more of a role, he's likely to become an engineer =) And I'm ok with that.

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  1. Oh goodness gracious, that is too funny, both the clip and Owen's alignment of everything he can get his hands on! I have a feeling that his social ineptitude will be skipped as well, with a little song, dance and jazz hands from Mommy. And I mean, please, how many socially awkward engineers do you REALLY know...and you're surrounded by them!! ;)