Monday, April 8, 2013

6 Months: Sitting Pretty

Well we made it through the first 6 months. In my (humble) opinion, they are the hardest.
Sure the next few months have their challenges, but not nearly as many as the first six!

And her are her stats: 

Weight: 14lb 14.6oz  (25-50%)

Height: 27 inches (90%)

Head: 16 1/4 inches (25%)  
She's maintaining her curves nicely; growth curves and others too!
(I'm also maintaining my curves but not as thrilled about it).
It's been a big month in other ways, too!
This girl can sit - for a long time, too. She's so steady that I can just put a pillow behind her & leave her!
(She totally beats Owen's sitting abilities by the time he was 6 months).  
She loves this purse toy. It's the favorite hands down. Her favorite part of this purse toy is the credit card. Is this foreshadowing?
Finally LOVING the bath

She loves to play on her belly. She scoots backwards quite a bit,  and she's never in the same place that I put her down.
Sometimes she'll give me a little hint that she's ready for her nap, too.

Spring has SPRUNG!

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. That's been the focus of this month. We "Ferberized" her. She's cried & cried & cried it out some more. Since birth, this sweetsie-pie has been up 3-4 times a night, requiring a swaddle to sleep, etc. She was good with her naps, but with her new rolling & sitting tricks, she was struggling with staying asleep long enough. March's weather came in like a lion & out like a lion so we had some incentive to stay in and work on sleep training and schedule organizing. We're still struggling with the nights (still up 3 times-ish), but it's improving. 
 Happy St. Patty's day!

She wasn't a fan of the sweet potatoes first time around...

But she loved her peas
...and avocado too!  

One of the greatest joys is watching the two of them interact. Another great joy is when they simultaneously sleep.
 It doesn't happen often enough ;) 

           In other news...
  • We've started some formula- topping her off with 4 oz at night. I've notice my supply decreasing, so we may start to add some in during the day, too. I'm obviously all about breastfeeding, but I'm starting to grow a little wary. I'll try to make it to 9mo like I did with O, but if I get a job... game over.
  • She loves to blow raspberries & is ever enthralled with the moving of one's mouth.
  • She's still a faucet, drooling all of the time. I haven't seen any pearly whites, though.
  • She loves to hit things/ flap her arms but much more subtly than Owen. I remember thinking he had autism he was such a 'flapper'
  • She's wearing 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes. Right on track it seems. 
  • She's pretty darn smiley & has an adorable disposition. I'm beginning to understand and interpret her needs much more readily, and we can keep her happy most of the time!
     We love her truly, madly, deeply.

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