Friday, April 27, 2012

16 months: Go, Go, Go!

How are we already writing the 16 month blog post?! I feel like the last months' moving details have d.r.a.g.g.e.d on, but somehow Owen's growth & development seems to have flown.

This month has delivered many new words:
  • Ba Ba Ball (Mike thinks this is his take on basketball)
  • Boo (It's very high pitched and associated with hiding. VERY cute!)
  • GO, GO, GO. (It goes like this... Mom: Owen do you want to go in the car? Owen: GO, GO, GO!) 
  • WOW. Ex: Said yesterday toward a ceiling fan at a bakery we visited.
  • Vroom: Said when he is playing with his cars.
  • BAP (Help)
  • Na Na Na Na (incessant whine...not my favorite)
  • Ca Ca (Cracker)
This month has delivered two new teeth:
  • 2 top Molars
  • Total =7
The Wade genes are shining through. Owen is now very interested in airplanes. If he hears an airplane, he points to the sky and says 'CAR'. Close, Owen, close =)  

Studying the technical details about airplanes.  

Owen is all of a sudden very interested in his blankies (must get that from his mommy). He has been dragging them everywhere.

The other day I couldn't find Owen... little stinker snuck behind the couch. Needless to say, it's a little closer to the wall now.

Haircut #2. He was a champ, again! He waved to everyone that came in the salon. This was almost a month ago, now, so the hair has grown out quite a bit!

He was so good at his haircut that he got his first balloon.  Mike & I laughed all afternoon watching him continually 'lose' the balloon as it floated to the ceiling.

We love to wave hi & bye to daddy as he commutes to & from work.

He still LOVES to climb, and the couch is his ultimate challenge. It's still rather high for him, so he requests 'BAP' (help). I help him up, he feels on top of the world, gets to throw a toy behind the couch, and we are entertained for 5 minutes. (Don't worry, I always stand by).

This week Oskee + Owen = me going crazy.
Owen is obsessed with Oskee, and he plows in to her, kicks, her pulls her tail, and laughs his head off. This is new behavior, and it's immune to my current disciplinary attempts.

Oskee in turn, is too stupid to walk away from Owen. She stalks him around in case he gets any food hand outs from me. She dislikes his aggression, but not enough to leave him alone.

They go around in circles
He's getting smart; when we say it's time to take the dog out, he goes to get the dog's leash.

Owen and Amity on a play date. Wonder what they were talking about? He looks pretty enthralled with her =) Usually it's the opposite. She follows him around and he looks for a ball.



Oskee dreaming "PLEASE drop a Cheerio...."

Additional 16 month highlights:
  • The child has mastered over hand throwing. I have not mastered over hand throwing.
  • He definitely exercises control when it comes to meal time. He'll only eat vegetables or meat when he's with a nanny. He's smarter than me... he finds things if I try to hide them or cover them with cheese
  • He eats so much fruit that he has what the pediatrician calls 'Toddler diarrhea'. I'm a nurse. I've seen my share of poop. His poop is gross. It's a 6 wipe process. I found "Fiberfied" cheerios at Trader Joes, and those seem to be helping some.
  • We like to go to the park, but he's not interested in swinging any more. He'd rather walk!
  • Still LOVES bath time
  • He loves Cardinal baseball, and he claps any time the crowd claps =)
  • He brushes his own teeth (we help get those molars)
  • We are working on using a spoon. He's been able to get the food to his mouth on a spoon for quite a while, but now we're working on him getting the food to-the-spoon, to-the-mouth.
  • We are in some transitions. We're sort of getting to the point where he gets bored at home, so we try to get out of the house at least once a day (hopefully to do something fun!) 
  • We are also transitioning from 2 naps/day to 1 nap/day. It's totally appropriate for his age to be in this transition, but any nap transition is tough. It's affecting his night time routine... we've had a lot of late nights/early mornings. It seems like things are turning around some this week, though!
Thanks for reading! We'll just have one more Owen: Month-to-Month post from Seattle!!!!

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  1. Love reading your blog to keep up! Can't wait for you to be back in St. Louis!