Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!

Our sweet baby coming in October is most likely a GIRL!!!!!
(Great predictions to everyone who took the blog poll!)

We had our ultrasound yesterday... pictures of feet to come soon (as soon as I can scan them in). She was very wiggly. Every time the US tech got a decent profile shot, she would somersault or cover her face with her hands. The tech also had to go back to the heart several times as well to get the pictures she needed. Little wiggle worm just didn't want to sit still. I suppose in some ways she is already like her big brother.

Based on size they would call her 20 weeks already (technically just 19 weeks, 2 days). So who knows when she'll make her little debut? I know enough now to not get married to the 'due date'.

We feel so blessed to have a healthy little 'Adorabelle' wiggling around in there. I think that will be her nickname... we were looking at names, and this was the most ridiculous one we came across!

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