Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are starting to feel more like this is actually happening!!

Mike had a successful house hunting trip in StL two weekends ago. Our new house will be in Creve Couer (our pick location) for many reasons: Mike's commute to work will be only about 15 minutes (much better than 1hr), we'll be about 10 miles from each set of grandparents, and we'll be decently central (close to "the city")... like we are used to.

Additionally, we are 0.7 miles from a Trader Joes. My husband knows me so well ;)

So here's the new house:

1326 Jeanne Hills Dr
St. Louis, MO 63146

Another thing I love about this house (based on the pictures) is that it's a modest upgrade for us. It's several hundred sq ft larger than our current condo, and it has a partially finished basement. But, it's not soo much space that we'll have to buy a lot of new furniture to furnish it.

Also.. there are no stainless steel appliances. Thank goodness!! Does any one else hate stainless? I can't keep it clean for more than 30 seconds with a dog & a toddler.
Oskee & Owen are drooling over this backyard !!

Ahh, summer days are near!!
In other news, our condo went on the market today. Here's the listing!!

The pictures turned out well!! The house only looks 'immaculately' maintained because my folks were in town this last weekend. We worked and worked and worked/ took turns working & watching Owen. THANKS Mom & Dad.

We're hoping to get an offer reasonably soon.... We know the short sale requires a buyer who is willing to wait 6 months to see if the bank will approve it, but God willing, this will all work out.

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