Sunday, April 1, 2012

15 months: Pointing

How I have longed to right a post with this title: Pointing. Since i found out I was pregnant, I knew I would cry the day I first saw my child point... the first developmental sign that he does NOT have autism. I don't know why I held on to this little info nugget so tightly, but that I did. And, I heard a recent report on NPR this week that the CDC just came out with a new statistic that 1/88 children are on the autism spectrum. Can this honestly be accurate??? Any who, Owen is pointing! He wants us to see what he sees. I love it.
This post also could be titled: 15 months: clingy, but that just doesn't sound as nice. We have 2 molars now (total teeth=7), and these molars were the worst yet. We've had 2 'play dates' in the last week, and during both affairs, he cried and clung to my lap. the.whole.time. Also, last night was the first night he slept through the night in 2 weeks. I think I can thank vaccinations + a cold for that one =) Maybe he also knows that there are a lot of pending changes, so he is getting in his hugs while he can.

When I have the fridge open, he often sneaks in behind me and grab whatever he can. It's a very fun game. This day it was carrots.

Mad for March Madness. Sad for Mizzou's early loss... but at least he had a new friend & fellow Mizzou fan, Nathan Francis ( born that same day... it made the sting a little less.

We took him to a 'Kids Quest/Fun Zone/Museum) that has a MILLION different and new toys to explore. He, of course, found these two 'BALLS', and wouldn't release them....

Until we enticed him over to the water area where he found another BALL.

Two balls... actually. He walked and walked and walked with these balls.

Until he put them back in the water in exchange for some smaller balls. He threw these smaller balls, and I have to say, the kid has an arm. He consistently throws forward and often further than I could throw.

We've been in desperate need of a hair cut... check out his rocking bed head.

There were lots of 'DOGS' at the StL zoo. It's so weird to actually see his skin (in shorts & short sleeves).

Last weekend the sun came out in Seattle, so I met Mike at the UW campus after work. We're trying to get a few 'last time in Seattle' opportunities in. In March, the UW's quad has 2 parallel rows of the most gorgeous cherry trees blossoming. It's a sight to behold. Owen LOVED to walk all over.

He walked...
and walked....

This is what he thought of posing for a quick pic.

'I want to WALK, mom'

 Cherry tree blossoms =)

Here's our little love on the 15mo bday. I was trying to get him to hold a 1 and a 5. It didn't work so well.

...but I did get a sweetsie smile.

Additional 15 month thoughts
  • He eats well but not around Mike or me. If I want him to eat veggies, it has to be on a day when he is with a nanny. On those days he'll eat squash, carrots, peas, etc. I figure if  I can get them in him 3 days a week.. that's almost half.
  • He loves walks, and loves to be outside. Imagine what he'll do when he gets to live somewhere the sun shines =)
  • He's taken on a bit of a German accent. 'Aht' has transitioned to a guttural 'Acht'. 
  • Also in language news, 'car' now sounds like car. 'Gock' is reserved for milk & walk. Seems fair enough to me. The only new work is 'Chee' = Cheese.
  • When he's not clinging to my lap during play dates, he is now very into parallel play. He is not concerned with what the other toddler is doing.. unless it's a toy he also wants to play with.
  • He tries to put on his own socks and shoes (by holding them in the general direction of his feet). After he gets frustrated with his own dressing abilities, he gives us an 'Acht', and we put his shoes on. Then he walks, and walks, and walks, and walks all over the house.
  • He is starting to be able to remove his own clothes.
  • He (like Oskee) rather enjoys eating toilet paper. What is it with these 2?
  • My favorite, favorite, favorite thing about 15 months is that he waves to EVERYONE. When we flew home from STL, he waved to everyone on the plane (over and over again). He waves to people on the TV & out the window. I finally did take him to get his hair cut yesterday, and he waved to everyone who walked in the salon. It's quite cute, and most everyone responds pretty well.
And here are our 15 month stats:
Weight: 23lb 3 oz (25-50%)... our first time this high on the growth curve.
Height: 32 inches (75%)
Head Circumference: 18 inches (10%)

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  1. So love him...and you, mama!! Can't wait for the final move to STL and you three (four) to enjoy those warmer temps near some great company!! Love to you all during these fun but tumultuous times!!