Thursday, July 22, 2010

sweet baby bell pepper

It's been a big week for baby. He's busy flexing his arms and legs, blood vessels are visible through his skin, and myelin is beginning to form around his nerves. The girl vs boy parts are clearly evident, and even visible on ultrasound. Other big news is that baby's wardrobe doubled in size this week. It appears that Grandma Cooper and Aunt Debbie went shopping at the Carter outlet at the Lake. Baby Wade is so excited about it's new outfits! Mamma Wade loves getting fun packages in the mail.

   Check out these cute bibs!
I love the feet and the polka dots! Mike and I have a hard time believing that something this size will actually
come out of me in 5 months!

The baby has a long way to go from bell pepper to newborn size. Mike and I were trying to figure out the best angle to show off the bump, and he recommended that I 'stand like a baseball player'. Once I had that helpful hint, I found the perfect position. I look forward to the day my belly sticks out further than my back end. With my luck, my back end will grow at the same rate. One blessing is that I should have great birthing hips.  All is going well with the pregnancy. I feel great, and I've even been able to run some again.
Mike and I have begun the daunting task of searching for baby gear. We've been 'stroller' shopping at Seattle's parks, and it appears that the hip stroller in Seattle is the "Bob" jogger. Turns out that the Bob isn't in our budget. Where do people in Seattle get all of this money? If you are reading this and you have any input on strollers, cribs, car seats, cloth diapers, etc... feel free to send them our way!

I was about to sign off, but I just have to tell you that the weather man just came on TV and said 'Summer is about to storm back'.  When he says storm, he is speaking of the low 80s. You also need to know that for the past 5 days, the sun hasn't been able to burn through the clouds until about 4:30 pm. Today we didn't hit 70, and the overnight low is in the 40s. You'll notice that I am wearing long sleeves. Summer SHOULD storm back! I would love to turn the fan on in my house =) At least I won't have to buy maternity shorts!

We love and miss you and the Midwest humidity! Heather, Mike, and the little Tyke


  1. Oh man, crazy how a 5 hour drive changes the weather sooooo much!!!! LOVE you two, er, three!!!!

  2. Found your blog when you posted it on Stephanie's FB post :O) You are so adorable!! As for strollers, we went for it with Emma (our second) and bought a Phil and Ted Sport buggy. It's about the best stroller ever. I'm not sure if it is as much as a Bob but it is up there. The great thing is when you add #2 all you have to do is buy an $80 attachment and voila, you have a double stroller. Ian recommends it to all the first time parents since we spent just as much on 3 strollers trying to find one to fit our needs with Kate. We ended up selling all of them when we got the Phil and Ted. My vote, invest with the first one and it will be worth it :O) That is just my two cents :O) Good luck! You are such a cute pregnant mama!!

  3. we got a chicco travel system stroller for abbie where the car seat fits into it for when they are teeny tiny and then they ride in the stroller when they are bigger. the stroller is cumbersome but nice if you have ample space to store it in your car and house. by the way, your belly will stick out farther than your bottom soon enough so enjoy these last few weeks where it doesn't! mine's way out compared to my bottom but that's the life of baby #2! i'm in almost all maternity clothes now! and it's not convenient having to buy summer maternity clothes but it's worth it for sure!

  4. If you really want a BOB, maybe you can find one on Craig's List:) I've heard from my running friend that the BOB fits Graco infant car seats. I know that she loves hers. Or, maybe someone will be lovely and give it to you as a shower gift:)

    We got a chicco travel system (as a shower gift) b/c those are pricey too. I would echo Jennifer's comments about the stroller, it's bulky and sometimes difficult to get in/out of car. I ended up babywearing most of the time, especially when Adelaide was very little:) I wish that we would have only gotten a carseat and then a separate jogging stroller. We use the stroller mainly for going on walks or runs. I just recently bought a Baby Trend jogging stroller at a garage sale. Definitely not as nice as the BOB, but I'm not a super-serious runner either.

    P.S. You look amazing!