Monday, July 19, 2010

blessings and babies

There will likely be many posts in this blog entitled blessings and babies, and all will be indicative of God's abundant love and gifts. This particular post is dedicated to my dear, sweet coworkers. We all work in the "Learning Lab" at the UW School of Nursing where we teach undergraduate nursing students. This job is absolutely hilarious at times with some of the concoctions we have created (fake poop, pee, blood, etc) to teach basic skills to these students. We also have plenty of "talking" mannequins who cough, moan, have difficulty breathing, etc... and additional teaching tools like "Seymour Butts" who we use to teach wound care. The other day I found a breast model that you can wear.. too much fun with that one for sure. Because we are all nurses and we understand the very profound dichotomy of beautiful and grotesque tasks that nurses must perform, we get along fabulously.

Today Mike and I hosted a baby shower for my co-worker Sophie and Peter who are due with baby #1 on 8-9-10! We had a blast hanging out with these fabulous ladies and their spouses! 

Back Row (L to R): Heather, Sarah, Sophie, Kala, and Juvann (our super boss!)
Front Row (L to R): Marta, Lam, and Me

Here are Sophie, Peter, and Baby Girl Kazarinoff opening their 'Hooter Hider'. This is my favorite baby shower gift as of late! Peter tried it on later, and it seems to fit perfectly.

Mike was a super great help today. I love this man!

Just a quick photo op of my culinary attempts. I was really missing Ryan today. He could have whipped this out in no time at all.

I took a picture of the cupcakes to document finally using this Tripoli serving platter.. first time since we've been married.

For those of you reading this who know us well, you know that I have an insane amount of work to accomplish in the autumn quarter to give myself a 'maternity leave' during the winter quarter of this school year. Mike and I have decided that I shouldn't work any longer so that I can concentrate on fitting two quarters into one. Though this makes logical sense, I am very sad to leave this lovely group of ladies on a daily/weekly basis. They really are my community here in Seattle. I suppose now the little Tyke and I will just have to schedule some good lunch dates!  

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