Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kindergarten. Westchester Elementary. Class of 2029!

Well we are three months in to kindergarten, and I'm finally getting some thoughts down on the blog. Back in August, Owen started his full day kindergarten at Westchester Elementary school in the Kirkwood School District. The first day of school we had all of the Mimas & Papas over to share breakfast & walk to the bus together. Owen's breakfast request was crepes.. How could I say no to a 5 year old requesting crepes?!? I suspect he was requesting crepes as a vehicle to get to nutella, but, he got his request either way :)

 Mom & Dad are glowing. PROUD DAY! ONE KID OUT OF DAYCARE!
Owen was a wee bit nervous!

 The school put these signs in the yard of each kindergartener. I love this welcoming idea.

 Owen's eacher is Mrs. Eshelman. They call themselves the Eshelminions. :) 

 Such a big boy at the bus stop!

Our group of bus stop neighbors! Getting to know moms in the subdivision has been a wonderful blessing over the last 3 months. It's opened up the opportunity for many mommy friendships... and hopefully comfort for Owen too.

 On the first day I followed the bus to school (of course I did!), and took this pic of him getting off of the bus. He was nervous about finding his class & I wanted to make sure he was set. 

We found his seat in Mrs. E's class! She is a FUN teacher. Lots of jammies days, popsicles, & games. Also lots of structure and learning. Owen's favorite part of kindergarten is PE class & recess. He's reading site words, writing sentances, adding, subtracting, measuring, thinking, and really pushing himself hard. I'm so proud of all he is learning. He comes home absolutely exhausted & silent. He does not want to be asked many questions, simply wants to unwind. I think we'll have many years ahead where I have to be careful about not berrading him with too many questions. Suggestions welcome. 

Owen got a great first report card. His teacher said he's always ready to work & be any one's friend. That makes my heart fill with joy. Love this kid!

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