Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Amelia!

Our sweet Amelia is FOUR years old! I still remember the day we found out we 
were having a girl. Time really does fly!

                                                                  Maker of plans
                                                                  Excited about God
                                                                  All girl

Amelia is brave & adventurous. She rides her bicycle down the hill fast! She's also willing to take risks. She always has a plan & a back up plan. Especially when it comes to her play time! Amelia is my one kid who seems to really consider God, think about God, celebrate God, and pray specifically! Shes loving, nurturing, & sensitive (she feels all the feels), and she's a great solo player. I often find her imagining conversations between two princesses or other characters (often one is whining ;) ). She's also alllll girl. She loves ballet, accessories, princesses, tiaras, and has big opinions about how she'll wear her hair.

 We celebrated her 4th birthday with Ariel. 
I'm glad she also loves swimming princesses who dream big! 

 She is definitely a loved little girl!

 Aunt Alaska & Uncle Steven (but really aunt Alaska) MADE her a mermaid costume for Halloween. So super fun! This costume was complete with a warm fuzzy cape for cold trick or treating!
Ariel never looked so good!

Big grins & giggles. 

Tiny dancer. She works SO HARD at ballet. She listens well & really tries. 
I love seeing her in this element. 

She wrote this on a paper at school. I melted. 

Bitty baby comes with us a lot of places. This day, she got to swing at the park. 

A beautiful grin on a beautiful, kind, smart, & brave girl! 
(We try to watch our compliments being only about things external). 
Love that she is so full of JOY!

A special birthday book from daddy. That Amelia Bedelia is so literal & so silly!

She chose to go to the zoo on her actual bday. The carousel is always a hit!

I have always loved her half moon eyes. 

She looks so grown up in this picture painting her toe nails with her hair pulled back & her accessories on point. 

Amelia, my dear, you bring a wonderful dynamic to our family. You love big, feel big, encourage big, and are independent. You're such a nurturer, and we are blessed beyond measure to have you. 

xo, Mom & Dad

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