Monday, February 8, 2016

Owen at 5 years (!)

I love 5 year olds. I do. Owen is independent (and gaining more by the day), curious, cuddly, compliant, and still wants us to be his best friend! I know some of these qualities will wax and ultimately wane as he gets older, and sometimes I just want to bottle him up at 5.

Here's our (not so) little O:

Weight: 40.6 lbs
Height: 44.5 inches (3ft 7inches)
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Toy: Hot Wheels
Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese
Favorite Activity: Running
Favorite Number: 100
Favorite Lovey: Ralphie
When I Grow Up I want to be a Scientist.

Owen, the Mayor, continues to be a social butterfly. He knows the name of everyone at school. He also knows their siblings names' & ages. He watches outside for neighbors to be out, and often he'll go greet them. He's definitely an extrovert, but he's also very self entertaining and can sit and focus on quiet activities (yay!). Hot wheels & Legos are still very cool. He's got a knack for coloring (in the lines of course- future engineer), and he's working on copying letters and writing some words besides his name. He will be receiving sight words for Valentine's Day. (Aren't I the coolest mom ever?)
Lately he gets himself dressed without too much argument (unless it's church clothes day), and he can fix himself breakfast. He is a professional procrastinator when it comes to bed time, but not every kid can be perfect, right? This week O will start soccer, which I hope will be wonderful. The kid loves to run and run fast!

We kicked off his birthday with a donut cake! Certainly on the 27th of December, you need to start the day out with sugar!

And he chose to spend the day doing legos with daddy....
again, we know these days are fleeting. #nottakingitforgranted.

After the girls slept we went to Chuck E Cheese and then to dinner with Mima & Papa Wade and the Nieders clan!

Lego CITY!

In our house, we have a rule that you have to be 5 in order to have gum. This is mostly because I want to make sure the kids are old enough to spit it in the trash, and not the carpet, when they are done. I found this yard of bubblegum and just couldn't help but buy it!

Birthday Buds!

How many out takes are necessary to get a picture of Mima & 3 grandkids?

A week later we had a blast of a birthday party with Auntie Alaska doing some face painting. Wow. What.a.hit! I had offered (and booked) to let Owen have his party at an indoor soccer field. He just wanted to have it at home. How could I say no?
He did invite some friends- the Francis & Marske boys.

Crazy kid. He wanted a Star Wars cake, even though he has never seen any of the movies and doesn't know the characters ;) Marketing works, I suppose. He knows it's cool because the stores are flooded with Star Wars 'stuff'.

Cool Cat.

This trio just felt like they were on top of the world all painted up!
They also had already consumed cake, ice cream, cotton candy, and all of the holiday m&ms I was trying to get out of the house!

Owen, we are so proud of you. You're a wonderful son & brother. Your sisters are lucky to have you! Can't watch year 5 and the start of kindergarten unfold!

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