Thursday, January 28, 2016

Macy 7 & 8 Months: Still delightful

Months 7 & 8 have shown us that our Macy is still delightful, fun, flexible, etc. I suppose 3rd time really is the charm! The big kids adore her, and she adores them. She is more intrigued by Owen than anyone else!

I'm also happy to report that I have no idea how much she weighs because I haven't needed to bring her in to the ped! Her next well check is 9 months, so stay tuned. I can tell you the car seat is getting awfully heavy!

She's got one tooth (!)... my earliest teether. And she's wearing 6-12 or 9 month clothes. Depends on the brand.

She loves to teeth on these little finger puppets from Target. Rudolph with your nose so bright.....??

The best way to bring Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. She's a squealer. Then Millie imitates the squeal. Ouch.

Santa Baby had a wonderful first Christmas.

She still has an expressive brow line (just like her older brother). In her case, she's less pensive but definitely animated! Sitting so well on her own, too! Thankfully, she can't really get from sitting to crawling, yet. I know this is short lived, but I appreciate the ability to keep her in one spot!

During a diaper change. She's at the age where she'd rather be on the go, and she gets frustrated when she's down for too long! She's also starting to have a little bit of separation anxiety. So she's happy to be on the go if we are in sight ;)

She prefers to be under her exersaucer instead of in it! She has to conquer quite the hump to get in there, but she does it repeatedly! (Notice she has a ball in her hand. She'll crawl all over the room chasing a ball these days!).

Our front room is sunken. For the last 6 weeks that she's been mobile, this has been the perfect 'Macy's safe zone'. The big kids know that choking hazards aren't allowed, and Macy's toys reign supreme. The other day I saw her trying to get up the step....

....and she was successful on the first try. Ack! I've got some things to figure out.

She's imitating my face when I saw her crawl on all fours for the first time this week. (Just kidding). This was round one of the 8 month photo shoot. She was ready for bed, though.

This is also the face she gives when we try to leave her in the nursery. She.cries.every.time. #strangerdanger

Little miss has tried ALL sorts of foods. Peas, green beans, avocados, carrots, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, squash, pumpkin, corn, rice, oats, apples, pears, mango, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, grapes, chicken, and now crackers! 

A better, more drooly, 8 month shot. She's not as cuddly as Millie, but she is giving kisses (or teething on our chins...). It's a very slobbery process. It's also endearing!
She passed her screening this week by the parents as teachers lady. Verbally she's up to par, babbling mama, dada, gaga. She's not assigning these terms to anyone yet, that's more of a 10 month old trait!

She's still sleeping though the night & napping 2-3 times/day.

We love this baby more and more as we get to know her better. Thank you, Jesus, for this delightful little bundle.

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