Thursday, January 7, 2016

Every Good & Perfect Gift is From Above. James 1:17

Although I'm way behind on blog posting, I find it fitting to begin 2016 reminiscing about one of our best days of 2015, Macy's baptism. What a blessing it is to baptize our baby in a church that we see as one of God's greatest gifts to our family. We love the teaching, the theology, and the community that The Gathering offers. Truly we are closer to God and have a more fruitful marriage because of this church.  
Rev. Matt Fulmer, the site pastor for the Clayton site where we attend,
did the honors of baptizing our sweet little Macy Evelyn.

She was asleep just in time for the water.

Always true to form, though, she was calm & flexible despite her rude awakening.

We are so blessed by Macy's godparents, Steve Schuster & Alison Francis. Steve and Mike have been friends, well, since forever. Ali and I have been friends since college..and well that is actually farther in the past than I would care to admit! Both are humble servants of God, raising their own families up to know Christ's love. We know they will pray for our Macy fervently and support her always. We sure are grateful for these two!


Here are Mima & Papa Wade with their sweet Macy girl. She wore the gown that was hand stitched by her great grandmother Evelyn Wade (her namesake). The eyelet is perfect, the rosebuds so delicate. This dress is stunning and represents quite the legacy. We were thrilled she could wear it for her special day.  (We actually chose to baptize her early enough that her arms would still fit... ran in to that trouble a bit with Amelia!)

Auntie Tricia (Schuster) getting in some sleepy time cuddles.

Pure joy!

Mima & Papa Cooper with that beautiful baby!

Sure wish she was loved...

Kisses abound!


Macy, you have been given a gift that will not be given to anyone else. You are special, a treasure that is unique and cannot be duplicated. You have been given a purpose in life that will fill you with pleasure. Speak loving words of comfort, sing sweet songs of joy. Thank God for His marvelous gift of grace.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. 2 Corinthians 9:15

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