Thursday, February 25, 2016

Macy Girl, 9 Months

Well it turns out I want Macy to stay 9 months old forever. She is so FUN! Interactive, happy, persistent, and gaining independence by the day. She's babbling mamamamamama and dadadadadadda constantly, but she doesn't talk back to me. Love her!

Macy's 9 mo stats:
17lb 11.8oz (25-50%)
27.5 inches (50%)
Head 17 inches (25-50%)

My friend at church snapped this shot of her beautiful baby blues... and reddish hair?!

Macy has killer abs. She's teaching me how to plank.

'Mommy can I hold Macy?" My how this picture has changed!

Everything goes in the mouth.

Starting to eat some finger foods with her TWO (!!!!) teeth. Both of her siblings only had one tooth at 12 months, so she's very advanced.

Making it up 1-2 stairs.

My little self soother. This is how she goes to sleep.
Right thumb in her mouth and left hand on her ear.
She's been a little bit sick this week, so we have seen this a lot. Sweet little Macy.

But we've also seen this grin a lot! Girlfriend loves her baths!

I think I can, I think I can. She CAN pull herself up on the couch and a few toys. And just yesterday she started cruising along the couch to get to me....

She's looking to see if I am going to catch her getting to the dog bowl.

The biggest change this month is actually in her communication. She is making noises to draw attention to things that she sees, sounds that she hears, etc. They are non specific, Ah's, but she definitely wants us to know she is on to something!

New foods: Mango, Chicken, Turkey, Wheat (gotta love the gluten!), plain whole milk yogurt (ie sour cream), peppers, broccoli, corn, & spinach. Macy loves to eat baby food and she is working so hard to perfect her pincer grasp so that she can get cheerios in to her mouth. I bet in the next month, she'll be eating a lot of what we have for meals. PB & eggs up next.

I know that I can freeze time, but I sure am enjoying this sweet little sugar, Macy. I'm trying to savor every day!

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