Friday, March 25, 2016

Macy, 10 months. So BIG!

I really mean it when I say I want Macy to stay 10 months Can someone please tell me how to make this happen? Any extra bricks you can spare? 

Sweet Macy Evelyn is 18lb 5oz. Normally she wouldn't be due for a weigh in, but I took her in to the ped last week because she stopped being interested in milk... for about 4 days. Ears & throat were fine, but her top gums are just red & puffy with a little glimmer of white pushing through. I guess I wouldn't be as interested in food either. She's got 2 teeth on the bottom and that pestering top front left working it's way out. 

 She's graduated to the ultimate bath experience. 
I'm sure she adds a little bit of pee to the big kids nice, warm bath ;)
She loves the big kids, loves baths, and could not be more happy hanging out here!

 She's also thrilled to hang out in the stroller and take walks! 
It's nice to finally be able to get out a little bit. 

 She had her first pool experience. And despite her look of concern here, I think she actually liked it! After a while, she crawled straight in to the water!

 She was equally thrilled with the cracker snack at the end of the experience. She's loving feeding herself these days (still eating lots of baby food too, though!) She's worked hard at conquering allergens this month. She passed the eggs & peanut butter trials. PB still makes me a bit nervous, but we'll keep doing bits at a time. She's also started beef, spinach, ham, oranges, & pineapple.

 What comes along with pulling up, cruising along furniture, and crawling everywhere... why dumping toys in the toilet, of course!

 Cutest development is everyone's favorite... 'How big is Macy?!"
She answers SO BIG with one arm only ;) Right arm! Maybe she's also waving? Not sure yet!

 No fear climbing up up up. It's gate time. 
(Her hair is coming in nicely as well!)

 It's getting harder to capture these month milestone pictures!

I saved my absolute favorite picture of the month for last. This is the first time I caught her standing in her crib. The pride is written all over her face!

She can also now go from sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting. She's not quite figured out how to get herself down from standing without falling. It will come. 

When you're holding her and patting her back, she will pat you as well. I melt. And sometimes in really sweet bedtime moments, she will sing along with me. Again, I'm mush. 

Sounds: Ma, Ba, Da, Wa, raspberries, sssss

Naps: Until this week, she's been really consistent with taking 3 naps a day. This week it's been more like two. I actually AM ready for this transition, because our summer will be more fun the more we can be out of the house. Being tied to the house for her naps is difficult with the older 2 wanting to be entertained. And she gets dragged so many places that I try to accomodate her when we're home. So anywhoo.... cheers for 2 naps! 

Thanks for loving our sweet little girl! Can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

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