Thursday, July 30, 2015

Macy: One & Two Months

Since I am just getting to the 'one month' blog a few days after she turns 2 months, I'll just blog about them both!

Love looking at the difference!
One month stats:
9lb 2oz (4 weeks); 9lb 4oz(6 weeks)
21 Inches
She was working HARD on tracking, cooing, and head control.
She was still wearing a newborn size and just getting in to 0-3months.
Sleep was intermittent (for me),  though I should applaud her for sorting out her nights and days almost immediately upon arrival home from the hospital. It may have something to do with the fact that it's VERY loud at our house during the day!
She's a great eater & generally not a very spitty baby. However, when she spits, it's every.where.
She has had a ton of visitors this first month, too!
Uncle Ryan has the touch.

Papa and his girls.

Aunt Lindsey loves sweet Macy.

The best big cousins a girl could ask for!

Snug as a bug...
Sleeping like her daddy did. Love that belly!

Two very special friends Claire & Ali. These ladies will have a special role in each of my girls' lives as their Godmothers! Claire for Amelia & Ali for Macy girl!

Macy's 'witching' hour is from 8-9 pm or so.... and therefore she gets lots of on-the-shoulder cuddles! We have an identical picture of Mima Wade holding Amelia the same way at one week old.

Her tummy time has been limited, but I sure do love the way babes sleep with their buns in the air!
So after one month, the jury is still out on who she looks most like. She has Owen's expressive brown line (we used to call him the professor), and she grunts & snorts like Amelia (so maybe they have the same nose?!?). Either way her sweet newborn stretches are just adorable. I LOVE them so much that I would have another baby just for the newborn stretches. But then I remember pregnancy, delivery, and all of the work (and money) it takes to raise a child.. and I think we will stop at 3! I love this baby to pieces already, and it's been so nice to get out with a newborn in to warm weather!
On the way to her one month Well Baby Visit. It's the same outfit Amelia wore to hers!
Macy (L). Amelia (R).
So now we are at 2 months. Macy's stats:
10lb 13.4oz (25-50%)
22 inches (50%)
Here she is on the way to her 2 mo appointment...
Her nights are either wonderful or awful. You would think she's 2 months old or something! In the last week, though, she's given me several 5 or 6 our stretches. So she'll eat at 9 and then again at 2 or 3. I almost feel like a new woman.. even sleeping enough to feel safe driving on the highway again!
Macy is more expressive by the day. She's awake more, though she still sleeps a lot! She's still in 2-3 hour cycles of eat, play, sleep. Her sleeping is still very flexible which is wonderful because I have been carting her all over the place during this maternity leave. Mostly it's either an effort to decorate my house or entertain her siblings, but she'll sleep anywhere! I know this is coming to an end soon, though, so when we are at home I'm trying to put her down for naps in her crib.

Macy got to meet sweet Kim (another DEAR friend... I'm so blessed). And you can't see it, but baby girl Green is underneath Macy in this pic. She's due to arrive Aug 27! Come on, baby girl!

Sisters, sisters!
 It will be really fun to watch this picture change over the next year!

SO big in her 4th of July tutu. I.can't.even.

My little summer baby. Love her to pieces.

Her new favorite pastime is to lay on her back & kick and coo.

Start them early. She did make it to her first Cards game. Slept through 6 innings, ate, and watched the next 2. We left the game because I was cranky ;)

Love that floppy cheek!

She's not smiling, but this picture shows her features so well! She looks less and less like her siblings with each day (I think!)

This is a 3 month outfit. It always amazes me how quickly babies grow. 
This one has more rolls than my other two. (YAY!)
My maternity leave comes to an end on Monday. I'm not ready to leave her, but she will be in great hands with her Mimas. I so love this flexible, calm, and sweetsie baby and I can't wait to continue to share her growth and development!

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