Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A very special visitor... Auntie Chels!

On May 31st, Macy's 8th day of life, we had a VERY special visitor fly from Raleigh to come visit. Chelsea, my DEAR DEAR friend from high school came to provide an extra set of hands. She's got 3 girls of her own (7, almost 2, and 3) she knows all to well the trials of welcoming a new baby (and a 3rd baby to boot!).
She was full of special treats, home made meals, painting, play doh, & legos with the big kids, amazing girl talk, and a very special newborn photo session for Macy. Who knew that this PhD prepared chemical engineer/Professor at Duke could also take beautiful photographs. (On top of being a wonderful mother, wife, & friend!)

Turns out she is also a good snuggler!

...and rocker

...and baby whisperer. This was during the time that she was trying to
get Macy back to sleep for more pictures. 
This is a sushi selfie. I've been wanting to try Chef Uncle's Ryan's new sushi restaurant but had to be not-pregnant in order to do so. Chelsea and I wasted no time. At lunch I managed the big kids, and I'm pretty sure she ate sushi one handed with chopsticks while holding a newborn. Sounds complicated. Thanks, Chels!
She also prepared the first meal that we ate at our brand new kitchen table!
So on to Macy girl's photo shoot. This is a true, dear, special gift. Chelsea is so talented, and she's started a beautiful business. Please check out her photography blog!
Enjoy her wonderful work!

A true friend is really a gift to cherish. I feel so blessed to have a friend like you, Chelsea! Thank you for your time, energy, talents, and heart. Let's get that family trip to the beach planned stat! My big kids keep asking when they get to see you again!


  1. Oh, I adore you, your beautiful children, your handsome hubby and most of all... our amazing friendship! You inspire me daily... I'm so glad to have you in my life! Mmmmwwwwaaaa

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