Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, O!

I keep thinking that I'll have time on my 'lunch break' at work to catch up on blogging... but wouldn't you know that I've actually had work to do at work. The nerve! So alas, between 'working' and buying a house, and moving... I'm about 3 months late on Owen's birthday post!
O is very in to the show Paw Patrol (which he calls Paw 'Control'). So we had a themed birthday party with family & the Paw Patrol characters (Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye). I'm singing the jingle in my head as I type.
I like getting a pic of the birthday buddies each year.

It's almost as if he hadn't received a load of gifts just 2 days before. The birthday gifts, somehow, got even bigger and better.

How many Hot Wheels do you think are in these bags? I'm pretty sure there were 50+....

Epic Explosions.

Hot Wheels Super Doop Loop Racetrack from Uncle Ryan. This 'project' took several adults to install later on during the party.

A new Lightening McQueen bike! We've tried to ride this a few times, but I think we'll need lots of time outside this summer to really get the hang of riding.

Let the race track installation begin!

Yes, there was a map. Ryan and Alaska were delayed to dinner because of their assembling.

Somehow I don't think I'll ever be the pinterest birthday party mom. But I can buy a few themed items on Amazon and have a happy 4 year old!
In true Amelia fashion, she found a good lap and curled up with her books.

The Super Doop Loop Race Track is ready to go!

Happy Birthday to Owen, Happy Birthday to you!

He looks So grown up in this picture.
A great evening was had by all. Some updates about O at 4 years (and in the few months past the birthday).
- He still loves Hot Wheels. I should say, he's still obsessed.
- He's recognizing most of his letters, can write his name, and when he's really focused he'll try to write other people's names. (I should be working with him on this more.. but that's why I pay for preschool, right?!)
- He's meticulous about coloring, and he's always in the lines. Development is so interesting to me because when I did a 3 year old screening for him in August, his weakest area was fine motor skills and hand muscles. We created specific types of crayons to get him to focus on strengthening muscles in his hands. And now 6 months later, he loves to color and create.
- He's still a bit timid when it comes to trying new athletic endeavors (the new bike for instance). Once he gains confidence, though, he'll do it over and over. Reminds me of someone that carried him for 9 months in the womb...
- He also generally likes to follow rules and comply with what we ask. This has certainly improved as he's been getting older, and it sure is delightful! He's generally pretty calm, social, & flexible, too.
- He still loves to solicit help with daily tasks like dressing, etc. I had no idea he could do his own zipper until he was showing off to Aunt Lindsey! Sounds like I need to adjust some of my parenting.
- I think he's about 40 inches and 35 pounds. 
- He is eating meat now (!) and is generally more flexible about trying new foods. Mac N Cheese is still the biggest hit, though.
- He got tubes in and his adenoid out in February. In true Owen style he was calm in prep and heading back to the OR. I was not.. but I held it together till he left my side ;)
- He loves school and tells me he likes it MUCH better than being at home with me! His best friend at school is Collin.
- He is a delight, a joy, a dear gift from God. I love watching him grow, learn, adapt, share, show love, pray, socialize, explore, create, and rejoice in the little things.
Happy Birthday, Owen. You light up our lives!

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