Tuesday, March 31, 2015

32 weeks!!

28 weeks. In front of our new fireplace!

32 weeks!
Here's a shot of the baby from my ultrasound on Friday. Owen asked, 'Is that only half a baby?'. The answer is yes. The far left structure is my placenta and the baby's face is smushed against it. (Head down at least!). In the center you can see 1/2 a nose, 1/2 a mouth and the left eye socket. I think there is a hand or something right by the eye. We were joking that the babe looks a but like a pig... a lovely pig, though!

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain: 20 pounds. I'm eating.a.lot.
 Maternity clothes? Oh yes.
 Stretch marks? Nope. Is it possible that the baby is growing but in toward my stomach? I don't think my belly looks much bigger, but I sure am less comfortable.
 Sleep: For the 3rd trimester, it's been great. I am sure needing a lot more sleep these days.
Best moment this week: 73 and sunny today on my day off!
 Miss Anything? ALCOHOL. (Same answer as last time). .
Movement: Yep yep! This is my first baby to have hiccups.
Food cravings: Still salad and rice krispie treats... and chocolate is always wonderful too!
 Anything making you queasy or sick: The baby is sitting internally, so if I eat too much at one time... I've come to regret it. Coffee isn't sitting well right now, either. I keep making it every morning, though!
Gender: I still don't have a strong hunch but I am probably thinking girl.
Labor Signs: No, but lots of contractions. I can't do much without stimulating contractions. Pushing grocery carts or the vacuum, picking up a laundry basket, changing Millie's diaper, etc. Good news is the ultrasound also showed that I won't be going in to labor any time soon!
Symptoms: Exhaustion, physically and emotionally. I canceled all of my evening activities last week because I'm just tired. Heart burn still mild. Back pain being managed by my chiropractor. The rest of the symptoms are better left off of a blog ;)

Belly Button in or out? Flat.
Wedding rings on or off? On
 Happy or Moody most of the time: Depends on the hour. At nap time I'm a witch (it's not going well). At work I'm moody. When the kids are playing happily, I'm also happy. Ha.
Looking forward to: Feeling any ounce of settled in our house. It's been such a slow process. I need to re-frame my expectations! I'm also looking forward to picking a girl name. We're getting closer.

Because I'm measuring about 4 weeks behind (3rd time in a row, here), we had an ultrasound Friday. Baby is weighing ~ 3lb 11oz which is 47%. Right about average! Fluid level is fine. Next ultrasound at 35 weeks.

There is a woman in our church who was pregnant with twins due the same day as me. She delivered on 3/18. Though tired, I'm thrilled to still be pregnant and have this little one cooking along.

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