Thursday, June 27, 2013

Owen Year Two: A quarterly review (Part 2)

Happy 1/2 birthday to you, Owen! We told him today that it was his half birthday, and he repeated that same phrase back to us many times. We even sang. Hey, when your birthday is the week after Christmas, you need to celebrate in June, too! He was with our nanny (Kappa Claire... not to be confused with Amelia's God mother, Claire).. and they had a fun day playing with new bubbles, eating popsicles, etc!
His development continues to amaze us....
  • Toys: Cars & Monster Trucks
  • Activities: Playing with the hose
  • Game: "get you, get you". It involves either Mike or me chasing him around the house in circles.
  • Colors: Brown & Orange
  • Song: Take me out to the ballgame or 'The Holy Song'. We're not sure where this last one came from, but Mike and I sing 'Holy, Holy, Holy'. Owen then raises his hands, palms up, and outstretched. It's too much.
  • Book: Anything from the library that's new (it's usually a book about some sort of vehicle)
Letters Identified:
  • 'O' for Owen
  • 'A' for Amelia
  • 'D' for Daddy
  • 'M' for Mommy
  • 'P' for Papa
  • 'C' for Cake/Cookie/Carson =)
  • 'Q'...
  • 'X'... maybe the last 2 are just unique?
Numbers Identified:
  • None, but he's consistently counting to 19 or 20 and sometimes counting objects.
  • We haven't had a time out in a loooong time. I just jinxed myself by writing that, but somehow we are in a good phase of communicating expectations and/or just communicating in general. I know it's a phase, but I like it, ok! 
  • He talks and talks and talks and talks some more. 8- 12 word sentences. 
  • I love watching him learn and put concepts together. Last night he got to the center of his plum and claimed there was a 'rock' in it. I would agree the pit looks just like a rock.  
  • He loves opposites & adjectives & tries hard to accurately describe items.  
.... or 'C' for chocolate. The kid would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let him. He still becomes very engaged while cooking, and very disengaged when it's time to eat.

Another activity to keep him thoroughly engaged... playing in shaving cream. Sometimes we work on numbers, letters, and shapes. Sometimes we play cars.
Car stacking

Stroller hog!

He and daddy have special book reading/cuddle on the couch time every morning. I don't think either of them feel right if their day doesn't start this way!

We still have some jealousy issues with 'AMillie' but he loves to greet her in the a.m., can't wait for me to get her out of her crib, and loves to help feed her, too. She does gag a lot when he helps, though.... ;)

We went to a horse farm last week with MiMa Wade. This is a classic 'I'm thrilled' grin.

She taught him (us) all about the horses blaze, etc. We learned a lot!

New orange shoes.. he hardly takes them off. Picked them out himself... because orange is Carson's favorite color.

We're loving summer time activities...
$13 sandbox has been a BIG hit! 

We're starting to sllllooooowwwwlllly potty train. Sometimes (only 3 times..) I can get him to sit on the toilet without pants. Once he looked down and exclaimed to me, 'My pee pee is big and strong like a rocket ship!' Nice, Owen. He's worn big boy pants once and peed on the floor once... so I guess we've officially begun, but we have a long way to go!
Summertime when the livin' is easy

At the hippo tank during one of our 3 times at the zoo (in the last month)!

Ready to swim!

 Super jazzed.
So handsome! I love this kid;  his energy, his intelligence, his facial expressions, his tight squeezing hugs, his affinity for car names, and his blossoming creativity just warm my heart and light up my life.



  1. What a smart, sweet and fun lovin' little guy. If there's any way you can teach him to NOT spend 20 min in the bathroom every time he needs to go #2, I think his future wife will bow down at your feet!! ;) I know I would!

  2. He is adorable! I don't blame him for wanting to eat chocolate for all three meals...and the occasional snack! Best of luck with potty was a process at our house!