Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Date Day/Mother's Day

As Father's Day is almost here, I suppose it is time to tell you about my amazing Mother's Day planned by the wonderful Mike Wade. I'm not sure what prompted him to go all out. It might be that I'm this close to the edge sometimes. It might be that he left on Mother's Day to fly to Maryland for 2 weeks. It might be that he really knows my love language and what I need. It may be a combo. Whatever the impetus, he did a great job. 
The day began by dropping the kids off at Papa and Mima Wade's house. He even took care of childcare... And then, we hit our 'StL Bucket List', and we hit it hard!
We started at Crown Candy, established 1913. It's an old soda shoppe in a terrible neighborhood of St. Louis, but people line up down the block for the opportunity to get a ginormous malt and sickeningly huge BLT. (FYI- We SPLIT the BLT and we couldn't even finish our own half).

 We lined up and were actually able to sit and eat. You can see that we were not the
only people with this special treat in mind.
My hot fudge malt filled that glass 3 times. I obviously did not finish the whole thing. There's a food challenge (seen on Man vs Food) that requires drinking 5 of these in an hour or something hideous like that. I can't even imagine.

But isn't this old time machinery cool? It's a step back to the 50s... I think that's the right decade.. Obviously that's a guess.

We were totally creeped out by this old woman statue advertising the home tour.  

Next up was the CARDS game! Mike somehow scored 5th row tickets. We dream of sitting down low, and the angels were shining on us this particular day because it was 68 degrees with a partially cloudy perfection. It was Mike Matheny pink jersey day, and he was signing them this close to our seats. I thought about pushing my way through the crowd, but I decided to watch the team warm up instead.

It's a completely different ball park from down here!

We were SO close. Love seeing my team this close!

Two of my faves (Yadi & Waino) with their pitching coach.

Waino had an amazing outing. He pitched the entire game and only let up one hit!

Clearly the Cards dominated.

My jersey says Molina! Love seeing him on base. 
 Apparently there are a lot of interviews to have after you pitch an amazing game.
Well the game was at noon-ish, over at 4ish, so we still had lots of time without kids! We checked in to The Cheshire Hotel (another StL landmark) in/near Forest Park, got ready for dinner, and had a drink at the bar. Dinner (also already planned by Mr. Wade) was at Vin De Set in Lafayette Square close to downtown. This restaurant has been on our must-try list for a while. We heard they had amazing mojitos, and I'll admit it was delicious. They also gave us a free sample of their white sangria. It was also amazing! The food, setting, and quite solitude was also impressive, and it was the perfect end to our date day. It was so nice to spend so much uninterrupted adult time together, too! Thanks so much Mima and Papa Wade!

The next morning we were up and ready by like 7:30... we are used to getting up at 6 every day you know. But also we missed these 2 precious babes.

Of course they don't look at the camera at the same time, but they are so sweetsie nonetheless. Amelia is obviously growing a lot... I think she looks proportionally bigger sitting next to Owen than I would imagine an 8 month old to look. Does that make any sense?

The Nieders clan came over for brunch after church, and we kind of got all of the kiddos to sit together. Ava was not really in the mood, and I can't say I blame her!
Mike left at nap time on Mother's Day and then the kids and I went to the Coopers to celebrate. That celebration included an entire Margarita ball. Awesome!
So Father's Day is this Sunday. I'll admit I don't have anything planned that compares to this day. M is leaving town for MD again sometime on Sunday, and since he doesn't spend all day every day with the kids, he does actually want to see them! Ha. I also already ruined his creative gift by letting him look at the pictures on my phone.. I had texted a pic of it to the grandmas that day. Oops. I'll be happy to share that pic on here once Father's Day comes.
Thank you bunches to all of the moms in my life and especially to Mike for loving me so well. Love you all!

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  1. Great job, Mike! Your wife deserves to be spoiled! :)