Friday, June 7, 2013

8 Months: Standing

 The time from 7-8 months has continued to be very dynamic for our 'sweetsie' (this is how O now greets her!). The Friday before Mem Day weekend, Mike had just flown in from 2 weeks in Maryland, and his little girl had this new trick to show him....
She had figured out how to stand up in her crib. As you can see, she was absolutely petrified because she had no idea how to get down. We both ran in because we heard her screaming. And then we let her continue to scream and grabbed our cameras! She has amazing parents I tell ya.
She's increasingly mobile by the day. She's found the dog bowls (my favorite), and she's now both army crawling and crawling on all fours.

We've been to the zoo 3 times in the last 3 weeks... this is how she likes to roll by the giraffes.

I've been told I take a lot of pictures of her sleeping. It's true... but isn't this the most precious, peaceful face?

Owen prefers her precious and peaceful because now she is stealing his toys. We've really been working on sharing, and it's a hard sell to a 2 year old. We'll keep working. I'm sure it's good for both of them to learn to negotiate and share, etc.
She's assuming her downward facing dog position...maybe she'll be graceful enough to do yoga.
I'm sure not!

She does get pretty pleased with herself as she discovers new nooks (and curtains in this case!)

This lowers my blood pressure.

This raises it. How is she so big? 

Her hair is getting longer...and it's coming in the back as well! Sometimes it looks dark brown, sometimes it looks light brown. Jury is still out.

Classic Millie face... maybe she is teething on her own lip? Still no pearly whites, but we've had a few hard nights and several rounds of Tylenol. Maybe it's just a cold.
Her adorable personality shines more everyday. She's giggly- especially toward Oskee or in response to blowing raspberries on her belly, grabbing the chunk on her thighs, etc.
More updates on our Silly Millie (another common O-ism):
  • She's backed off on the milk (formula & breast milk), and she is chowing down on her solids. A good 3 meals a day, and she prefers food to the bottle. My goal was to make it to 8 months with the nursing. I fed her this morning, and now I'm ready for a quick taper to only formula.
  • She's still not great with the puffs (often gagging and throwing up), but she does love the rice baby Mum Mums... it's a bigger piece of dissolvable processed food =)
  • She still breaks out when given pears (weird), but is doing well with these additional new foods: broccoli, peaches, green beans, apricots, multi-grain cereal, & prunes.
  • In Owen's 8 month blog I recorded all of the sounds he had conquered (b, d, g, etc). I have no idea what sounds she says, but she babbles. A lot. Who says you don't parent each kid differently?
  • She also drools a lot. A LOT.
  • She might be waving. Maybe. I think I'll call it. Yep, she's waving, It's intermittent =)
  • She loves the wind in her hair.
  • She loves bath time, and she'll out-sit Owen by a good 5 minutes in the cold bath water.
  • She is still sleeping generally 6:30/7 to 6:30/7. She naps well, too. I love that about her.

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  1. How is she so much bigger since we last saw you a few weeks ago? Adorable!