Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

This Christmas Mike and I decided to spend the majority of our 'gift' money for the kids on a little get away. We figured this may be the last time we were able to get out of dodge- just the 4 of us. (Who knew we would also buy a house in the first quarter of the year as well?!) So we packed up and headed down I-70 to the Great Wolf Lodge in KC.
Amelia chose some light reading for the road.

O can entertain himself in the car for hours. He loves looking out the window and
is happy to color and create as well!
They wanted to swim immediately upon arrival, and they waited 'patiently' for us to get unpacked and ready to go. The beauty of this lodge is that there is a water park inside, so you don't have to load and unload your wet headed kids in to the car on a bitter January day!

 Amelia was a bit more brave, checking out the tall playground structure. (She's just like her daddy!)
Owen posed very well, but he stuck to the kiddie pool at first. (He's my son.) 
He did love jumping in over and over.

Amelia outlasted O in the water which earned her lots of one on one time with daddy who outlasted me in the water ;)
As the weekend progressed, O got the hang of the slide, too!
Post- swim snuggle & snack on the couch!

Because we were on vacation, I let the kids eat 'sugar' cereal for breakfast each day. I think they enjoyed that more than the swimming!

My little bear cubs being silly.

This is the fireplace at the lodge. A pretty grand entrance!

A little karaoke break!

Owen found the arcade...

This is one of my favorite shots of O just totally relaxing and enjoying himself!
My water baby!

We had breakfast and lunch in our hotel rooms, but we treated ourselves to dinner out with family and friends that live in KC. Saturday night we had dinner with our friends Laura & Wes & their (then) 2 month old baby Henry. Sunday we went out with Mike's cousin, Warren, who (as you can guess from the photo), is always a good time!
Then back to the hotel clock tower for bedtime stories read by the wolf characters.

We had a great time, and the kids keep asking when we get to go back to Kansas City!
 (The answer is probably around the time we've saved enough money for living room furniture... Nebraska Furniture Mart is just across the street from Great Wolf Lodge ;) !)

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