Friday, April 17, 2015

Amelia 2.5 years

We celebrated the 1/2 birthday of our sweet Amelia/Millie/Minnie last week. 2.5 years have flown by! Our sweet girl is delicate, dainty, snuggly, and fiercely independent. She says 'I do it myself' more in a day than Owen has in his entire life! She's also quite the cuddler. If you lay down next to her at bedtime, she literally tries to have every part of her body touching yours, and she puts her head literally on top of your face.
Amelia's current loves: books, singing, accessorizing, dressing herself, 'shopping' (at home), caring for her baby dolls. She has bags full of trinkets that she collects around the house.
Words & phrases that she's saying currently that I love:
Rapunzel: Pa-Pretzel
Violet: Biolet
We have a puppy, her name is Oskee.
Mommy have a baby. I have a baby in my tummy.
She'll say the opposite of what she wants so that she can then say, 'Actually, I DO want that'. 
This one I don't love... 'No thank you, Mommy'. (A mimic from how her teachers discipline at school).
Little miss long legs. Catching up on her sleep at Mima's because she's been a little stinker transitioning to her new room at our house.

Loving on her baby dolls.
This picture is blurry, but if you look closely you can see her underwear on the outside of her pants (a frequent occurrence). I figure it's all part of potty training, right?

First night in her big girl bed! That was the best transition she's ever had...
 it happened while we were still at our old house.

Loves reading her books.

She also loves to 'talk' on the phone, most frequently calling Aunt Lindsey. The other day I heard her telling imaginary Aunt Lindsey that she was pooping. Turns out she was telling the truth!

Documenting that they really do love each other! Actually, she adores Owen, and she's quite his copy cat.

Little mama.

Some light reading.
ALWAYS with her books.
Amelias' Bedtime Prayers. I love this girl.
Potty training is hopefully coming soon. She went pee pee on the potty twice at school the other day. We've tried with both strong and relaxed intentions at home. She often sits on the potty in the bathroom (takes her own diaper off), but she's never been successful at home. I'm not sure how hard to push it knowing she'll likely regress in 5-6ish weeks when the baby comes!

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