Friday, February 6, 2015

Pre-Christmas Holiday Festivities

Perhaps there is a benefit of blogging about Christmas 6 weeks later... I've long forgotten the stress of the holidays, and my scrooge is tucked inside until next Dec 1. 

The difference between my 2 children was clear on visit Santa day. Amelia ran for the hills (actually crawled because she probably thought she could get away faster). 

Owen sat, hands in his lap, and posed perfectly. 

Then he asked for 22 color changing hot wheels cars & a Paw Patrol play set. 

Can you imagine how sweet this picture would have been if it included Amelia?!

The Nieders kids were all cooperative. 

Later in December we attempted to build a gingerbread house so thoughtfully gifted by our neighbor. The kids were thrilled, of course. 

Our master engineer constructed the house.... 

...but we were all too excited to really let it dry. 

So we decorated panels. I had high hopes of reassembling the sides during nap time, but Oskee had other plans. She had two sides gone by the time I was done reading books. Damn dog. 

On the 20th of December we had a surprise 60th gathering for Mima Wade. Her real birthday (as you all know) is on Christmas Day.. we figured a few days ahead would be ok! Here's her Hawaiian themed cake with Plumerias. 

The 'usual suspects' as we so call them, were all in attendance. 

The view from the other side. 

Here's my bony finger (inside joke). 

Three lovely ladies!

...and a handsome man to boot. 

O thoroughly enjoyed the cake. Why wouldn't he?! 

The timing of the party was perfect because Mima came down with the real flu the next day. Why did God put Christmas in the middle of cold & flu season?! 

I love all of the build up to the holidays, the trees, Christmas lights, baking, etc. It's fun to watch the kids start to anticipate the season with joy and tradition as well. I hope that in the midst of my to-dos I can still take time out to focus on the real reason for Christmas. I'm writing it down so you all can keep me accountable next year!

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