Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cardinal Baseball & Busch Stadium 2014

As of Sept 1, our beloved Cardinals are in first place, and we've been cheering them along all summer. In June we treated Papa Cooper to a Busch Stadium tour for Father's day. It was COOL. Next time, I won't bring the kids.. that way I can actually listen ;)
As you can see, Amelia was thrilled to start the tour (she was coming down with Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease.. I just didn't know it at the time!)

Somewhere I would like to go...

Stan the Man is certainly a Cardinal hero, and he's lauded by most St. Louisans to be an even finer man than baseball player. He passed last year, but his legend lives!

This wallpaper was designed from the Cardinal owner's baseball collection from when he was a little boy. Although the wall looks 3-D, it's actually flat. I love the colors, the unique idea, and the baseball legends on the wall!

KMOX booth. Nice view!

Mike Shannon sits on an exercise ball!

At long last we were on the field. We were under strict orders not to touch (or breathe on) the grass. They pump in chilled water every morning to feed this grass from CO!

Owen's face accurately depicts how I felt, too!

Now that's beautiful.

Hanging out in the Cardinal dug out. Would you believe the wood on the benches is super chipped, old, ugly, etc? Seems like they could afford to replace that every now and again!

I'm pretty sure this should be my parent's screen saver.
We even got to bring Uncle Ryan along!

Can you imagine making your major league debut, walking out on to the field and looking up at these seats packed? Or better yet can you imagine being Waino and walking out on to the field for game 1 of the world series and seeing those seats juiced? That would be cool.
Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd!

We've been enjoying the StL 250 birthday cakes. Every time we see one, the kids climb up to pose.
Mima and I took the kids to a day game in June.

With snacks, they do well and last through about 5 innings. Then we head down to Fredbird's corner for some climbing and play time.

Then we head to Ted Drewe's for some frozen custard. I think this might be one of my absolute favorite shots of Amelia... ever.

While M was out of town, my folks treated the kids and me to Fred Bird's build-a-bear birthday party. This year they gave out Clydesdales to every kid with a ticket. We totally built up this day. Arrived at the gates 2 hours before game time, got our lovies, had lunch at ballpark village, and then went to the game. We really pushed nap time, but it was well worth the experience.
Sleepy Amelia spent several innings pushing her 'Horsie Mine' around in the stroller.
Whatever works!
We hope to continue cheering our favorite team along well in to October!


  1. Love, love, love everything about this post!

  2. Love that picture of Amelia! Looks a lot like her brother at Fritz's the day of Greg and my wedding :)