Wednesday, September 10, 2014

23 months: 'Bye Bye Baby'

I think the last bit of baby is leaving my little girl. Her cheeks are shrinking, her legs are growing, her temper is firing, and her words, opinions, and personality emerging. She's full blown toddler. And although her 'My DO IT' can sometimes be frustrating, I'm reaaaaalllly enjoying this stage!
This is a fun stage because many of her words sound like 'bad' words and that makes me giggle. Every time! For instance: frog sounds like "f*ck", shirt sounds like "sh*t", and her "clock" is missing the L!
Much to O's chagrin, she's loving his hot wheels track, and she insists it stays 'on'.. therefore draining the batteries. She sure does love her little 'Ownen', and she wants to be just like him!

Typical pre-dinner scene. Waiting for food is a skill yet to be developed!

The morning daddy got back in town from being gone. They wouldn't even let him in the house before they cuddled in for time.

A girl and her dog.

MY DO IT... relates to everything: picking out clothes, dressing herself,
putting toothpaste on her toothbrush, etc!

Sweet shot from the Magic House a few weeks ago. If you can get her engaged in an activity, she's adorable. If she's bored, she's 'Mommy hold you me'.

She did a great job with her first haircut, though! Sat so still and watched Frozen (a total favorite right now). You should also know that I totally splurged and paid the extra $1 for the certificate that included the date of her first haircut and an envelope of her little golden locks!

I can't even get her hair pulled out of her face. I'm glad she's so good for other people. Love this grown up hair-do! Bye Bye Baby! 
Another shot at the Magic House. She's all Wade. Loves her animals. Something else 'Wade-ish' that we've noticed in the last month. We listen to the Frozen soundtrack. A lot. Sometimes she sings the words, but most often she moves her voice to match the instrumental inflections in the music. She's a big fan of the flutes.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Millie style.
She's singing, communicating in full phrases & sentences (Mine all done), saying bless you, calling people goofy, and using a variety of additional descriptors and terms of endearment for all of her loves. I can't believe the next time I write about her development she'll be two!

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  1. She is so sweet and I love the inappropriate words that come with learning to talk! Tyler would point out EVERY clock (without the L too)...and shout when spotting it. Classic! Tell Millie I feel like she looks when I get hungry too! ;)