Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hunting for Firs

We had our 2nd annual Saturday-After-Thanksgiving-Christmas Tree Chop-Down with the Nieders, two Mimas and two Papas at Heritage Tree Farm in Washington, MO. 
These men are on a serious mission.

If my dad had on a hat this picture would be perfect!

O worked really hard to pull that empty sled =)

But a little rest is better. 
After a little rest, Owen got to work selecting the perfect Wade Family Christmas tree. These needles weren't too hard, weren't too soft... they were just right!
So we shot our family photo and Papa and Owen got to work figuring out the best way to go about sawing it down! (See below).

Sizing up his work and wondering how he'll ever pull this tree back up that hill!
Meanwhile, the Nieders were also selecting the perfect tree. Mima W occupied Ava....

...while Carson and Livi found their perfect tree.
I love how they cooperated in this effort =) 
My folks also got a tree! We've always loved live trees at the Cooper house.
 Can you see my mom's glee and my shadow? =)

Little full. Lot of sap. Looks great though!

A great cousin photo. Millie wouldn't be put down, so she missed out. 
We decorated it the next night. We had planned to let O help, but he peed on the floor and that was just our last straw for the day. Maybe next year! The next morning, though, he woke up in wonder, awe, and amazement, and he poured over every last ornament on the tree. I can't wait to see him Christmas morning.
One of my favorite things about this time of year is waking up to the glow of the Christmas tree. It just sets the tone for the season, and it brings me a lot of peace!

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  1. What an awesome family tradition...I think the kids will love to look forward to that every year!