Friday, July 20, 2012

Winter Family Reunion

We kicked off July with a run of family reunions. First up was the Winter family reunion... wait that last name doesn't sound familiar? Let me help..

John and Elizabeth Winter (my dad's grandparents) birthed:
Betty Winter Cooper
(mother of John, Pat, Walt, and Mike)
John Winter
(father of Mark, Peggy, Greg, Ann, John, and Beth)
Claire Winter Politowski
(mother of Matt)
Ann Winter Kuck
(mother of Denise, Barb, and Rick)
Janet Winter (unknown married name)
(mother of several children... one named Butch)

So, all of these siblings are still living and were in attendance (minus Janet). Their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were also in attendance... for a grand total of about 60-65 people at any given event.

It gets confusing, so we'll just focus on the Cooper part of the reunion!

This is my Uncle Walt & Aunt Honoree. They are retired & live on a sailboat in the Caribbean. No I am not making this up. They dock during hurricane season, however, and currently they are driving to Alaska.
Here they are swinging Thing One and Thing Two. Kipton & Coleson Cooper. DOB 7-18-11.
Here's Owen with my cousins Kelly (L) & Will (R) Cooper.
Kelly is a navy seal & he lives with his wife Jenn & kiddos in Kodiak, Alaska. They are a stinkin cool family.
Will and his wife Amy live in NC, and they have 3 gorgeous kiddos: Bella, Thing One, and Thing Two. This reunion was my first opportunity to meet Amy & obviously the kids too. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Saturday we had a BBQ at Peggy Winter Frisella's house (my dad's cousin). Owen & Mike spent most of the time in the 'Big Pool'... one of O's very favorite pastimes.
L-R: Mike, Preggo Me, Jenn Cooper, Will Cooper, Jill Cooper. Here we are watching Owen chase Liam around.... see below.
Owen thinks Liam hung the moon... and shoot, he lives way far north in Alaska, so maybe he did! Liam (3) is the younger brother of Chloe (9). They are the kids of Kelly & Jenn. Liam wasn't a huge fan of sharing the ball with Owen, but alas Owen is relentless and followed him all around incessantly repeating, 'Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam, Liam'. Actually he was still asking for Liam today.
A great picture! Owen, Chloe, Bella (4), and Liam

Owen and Daddy on the trolley ride!

Owen & mommy on the trolley ride! It was SO hot on that trolley b/c the AC was broken (and it was literally 100+ degrees out), but O sat and was perfectly behaved.

My Aunt Denny (married to John Cooper) is pictured in the background.

Fortunately we got a quick break (with AC) for a shortened version of the AB Brewery tour!

We got to see the Clydesdales.. 'Hoses'. This one was named Mike.

Quick family shot.

Chloe, Bella, & Liam pretending to be mimes.

 Kipton & Coleson trying to stay cool!

The NC Cooper family minus thing 2...

He was sitting right next to me gnawing on a pretzel.

Kelly & Liam

Finally cooling off at my folks house after the trolley ride.

The reunion was a great success... obviously with a turnout of 65 people. It was great to see all of my dad's cousins, and their kids (I did score a babysitter).. but the highlight was seeing all of my cousins and spending time with the Cooper clan.

Next up: The Wade Family reunion in Indiana July 9-12.

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